<h2>Coos Bay Speedway

NHRA Drag Racing

May 11

Sportsman — Winner: Leon Williams (’94 GMC). Runner-up: Jeff Barth (’74 Nova). Semifinals: Tyson Merritt.

Pro — Winner: Jeff Barth (’74 Nova). Runner-up: Dan Nikodym (’67 Nova). Semifinals: Jon Letsom and Tom Melson.

Super Pro — Winner: Shane Marsh (’91 Mustang). Runner-up: Sam Plowman (’67 Mustang). Semifinals: Tom Jarvis.

Sportsman — Winner: Lisa Powell (’18 Chevy). Runner-up: Rayce Alby. Semifinals: Leon Williams and Butch Gulseth.

May 12

Pro — Winner: Tom Melson (’65 Chevy). Runner-up: Dan Nikodym (’67 Nova). Semifinals: Jon Letsom.

Super Pro — Winner: Tom Jarvis (’63 Plymouth). Runner-up: Mike Powell (’89 Chevy). Semifinals: Sam Plowman.

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