When the Reedsport Boosters Association decided to cancel its annual banquet and auction, the group lost its biggest fundraiser of the year.

The group is still in good financial shape, Chairperson Joe Zelinski said.

“We’ve been blessed with outstanding support in the past few years,” he said. “Taking a year off from this event won’t stop us from providing any financial support we typically would provide in any given year.”

The Boosters Association has donated thousands of dollars in recent years to support athletics and other student activities in the school district.

Here are recent contributions from the boosters:


Replacing gate at Ruppe Field baseball entrance, in progress ($2,185).

New football sideline markers ($110).

Establishment of designated account for Youth Football Support (funded with $5,000).

Groundskeeping assistance at Barrone softball field and Ruppe baseball field ($500).

Funding assistance for baseball uniforms ($3,300).

Payment to RCCS Shop Class Club for construction of new foul-pole screens at Ruppe baseball field ($353).

New team bench for Ruppe football field ($933).

New scorer’s table for auxiliary gymnasium ($581).

Funding of additional junior high boys basketball coach after strong student turnout required two teams ($1,800).


Gymnasium enhancements following reconstruction due to truss repair and seismic retrofitting ($1,174).

New crowd control stanchions and chain for Ruppe Field ($2,462).

Football shoulder pad storage racks and miscellaneous field equipment ($367).

New portable scale and mat light for wrestling program ($543).

Ten new track hurdles ($750).

One hundred cubic yards of custom ball-field soil mix for baseball and softball fields ($6,160).

Batters eye windscreens for baseball and softball fields, in progress ($508).

Two Dollamur Flexi-Roll collegiate-grade wrestling mats ($18,475).


Ruppe Field tower window refurbishing ($251).

New basketball rim at Butch Thompson Court ($153).

New goal post pads at Ruppe Field ($902).

Floor decals on Butch Thompson Court ($2,250).

New popcorn machine at Butch Thompson Court concession stand ($230).

New signage atop Jim Barrone Memorial Fields softball scoreboard ($4,204).

Finixh Lynx video-automated track timing system at Ruppe Field ($9,807).

New Dollamu Flexi-Roll collegiate-grade wrestling mat ($10,236).


Contribution toward new wrestling singlets and warm-ups ($2,000).

Contribution toward new basketball uniforms ($2,000).

Contribution toward new volleyball standards/net systems in gymnasium ($2,000).

Public address speakers and equipment at Ruppe Field ($1,800).

Fitness room equipment, repairs, maintenance ($1,380).


Contribution toward new indoor batting facility at Ruppe baseball field ($5,000).

Purchase of new junior high basketball uniforms for boys and girls ($4,200).

Contribution toward new wrestling singlets and warm-ups ($2,600).

Purchase of new junior high football jerseys ($1,100).

Funding of golf program (all from Bill Humphreys Memorial Scramble) ($5,500).

Contribution toward softball field improvements ($740).

New wireless microphone system for Butch Thompson Court ($300).

Junior high volleyball tournament entry fees ($275).


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