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In the Oct. 30, 2019, edition of The Umpqua Post, I read the Letter to the Editor titled “Wind-powered generators safer than LNG”. I support the “wind-powered generator” assembly plant it proposed.

I think that as business based on “ongoing labor and maintenance” it will provide “ongoing benefits” to our community. As a business that provides “Wind Electricity Generators” it will need more local people to perform their needed tasks. These necessary work opportunities will require trained individuals. There will be more individual and family wage jobs, now and in the future, in the “wind-power generator” plant than in the LNG plant.

LNG is a 20th century business with 21st century advertising. It has lots of money and makes many promises. Liquefied natural gas is their business now and making money for themselves is their priority.

The “wind-powered generator” industry is a 21st century business upheld by our community’s labor and maintenance. Their business is based on our community’s safety and sustainability because that is how they will make money and so will we, now and in the future, together.

Rae Lea Cousens

North Bend



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