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ROSEBURG — The Roseburg Police Department responded, Friday, to an article published in media outlets around the state, naming the City of Roseburg the "Most Dangerous" city in Oregon.

The RPD note that this is a matter of numbers and percentages interpreted without clear explanation. They admitted that, taken at face value, the crime statistics referenced in the article appear unfavorable to Roseburg. However, they also note that the RPD responds to and logs every call for service, which leads to the statistics suggesting a high crime rate.

The RPD states there are a variety of calls some law enforcement agencies don't respond to. These include minor thefts, car break-ins and vandalism. Some agencies can also refer victims to an online reporting system, leaving them feeling unheard and not bothering to report something.

"We at the Roseburg Police Department knew that accurate record keeping could potentially lead to something like this, but we feel responsible to all of our communities' requests for service, and accurately documenting crimes that have occurred in our jurisdiction in the appropriate way to conduct our business," states Sgt. Jeff Eichenbusch, PIO of the RPD. "We will continue to operate in this manner, despite the possibility of this making it appear our crime statistics are higher."

The RPD also notes that the crime rate charts show that larceny, vandalism and burglary rates, the categories that include petty theft, criminal mischief, theft from unoccupied buildings, and other more minor activities, are higher than state and national averages. However, major and violent crimes are all lower than average.

The RPD wants to educate the community on how the rates are created and what the numbers mean. They invite community members to contact them with any questions by calling 541-492-6760.

Reporter Adam Robertson can be reached at 541-297-3590, or by email at


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