Reedsport Police and Fire

The Reedsport Police and Fire Department are located at 124 N. Fourth St., in Reedsport, Oregon.

REEDSPORT — A string of arrests filled the Reedsport Police Department's activity log recently, giving testament to their actions to stop a group stealing from vehicles around the community.

Leading up to the arrests, the RPD received a number of calls reporting items being stolen from vehicles. According to Police Chief Matt Smart, the vehicles had all been left unlocked and someone entered them and took items from inside. None of the incidents involved breaking into the vehicle. He added that the suspects moved around the city, hitting a number of different areas.

Smart said multiple people were involved, but did not give a specific number. One person would be posted as a lookout, to alert the person stealing if anyone was coming. RPD focused patrols in the areas reports were coming from and found one of the lookouts, rounding up the other people involved from there.

"We just did a roundup of a bunch of people who absconded from their probation, which makes them a fugitive," Smart said. "We went out and found them all, and all of those reports have stopped coming in."

Smart added that one individual was found with a backpack containing some of the stolen items.

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