Reedsport Trick or Treat Wine Walk

Matthew Vargas, 8, joins dozens of other Halloween revelers last Friday night during a Wine Walk and Trick-or-Treat event in downtown Reedsport.

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REEDSPORT — Halloween night is Thursday, and groups of ghosts and goblins will be hitting the streets for trick-or-treating. To help ensure everyone has a fun, safe night, the Reedsport Police Department offers a few tips and reminders to keep in mind while out on the town.

Beginning the evening while the sun is still out, the Church of God is sponsoring a trunk-or-treat at Reedsport Community Charter School. The street-side parking area along the football field will play host to community members giving out candy and treats from their cars.

As night sets in and people take to the streets, visibility becomes key. The RPD encourages wearing costumes that have reflective or glow in the dark elements. For people needing extra help, police will be patrolling the neighborhoods giving out glowsticks and necklaces throughout the evening. Carrying flashlights or having reflective safety tape on part of the costume is also a way to increase visibility and staying out of the road as much as possible to avoid getting in the path of traffic.

Opting for make-up and face paint instead of a mask is also encouraged. While they make for good additions to costumes, wearing a mask obstructs vision and hides most of a person's face. Wearing flame retardant costumes, and costumes that have a harder time snagging on things, is also encouraged. The RPD also encourages only using prop weapons, and nothing with actual sharp edges or that can fire projectiles.

It's also recommended trick-or-treaters travel in a group and keep tabs on where all the members are throughout the evening.

When trick-or-treaters return, it's recommended not to let kids dive into their candy haul right away. The RPD advises parents to take time to look over everything to see if anything looks like it was opened or tampered with. If anything is discovered with evidence of tampering, call the RPD and they will send an officer to make contact.

In the event of rainy weather, trick-or-treaters should also use caution on wet, slippery, or muddy ground.

Otherwise, the RPD wishes everyone a safe night on the streets with lots of spooky fun.

"Have a safe and fun Halloween," said Chief Matt Smart.

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