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Restore Lakeside

A driver travels west Saturday along Airport Road near the south entrance to Lakeside off U.S. Highway 101. City Manager Andrew Carlstrom presented Thursday a plan called “Operation Restore Lakeside” which he hopes can rehabilitate the local economy and infrastructure.

LAKESIDE — The City of Lakeside is looking to revitalize its local economy and rebuild its city with a new 10-year work plan.

During Thursday’s work session meeting, Lakeside City Manager Andrew Carlstrom presented city councilors with “Operation Restore Lakeside” to discuss various ways the city can rehabilitate its local economy, infrastructure and day-to-day operations.

A man paddles a canoe toward the pen water of Tenmile Lake in Lakeside on Saturday. City Manager Andrew Carlstrom presented Thursday a plan ca…

In the proposed work plan, Carlstrom outlined five different phases the project will ensue beginning with a renewed city mission statement and principles as well as a review of the city’s general and franchise fees.

According to Carlstrom, the city’s budget largely relies on several small city fees, monthly sewer payments, transient lodging taxes and franchise fees. As of now, it does not receive any tax money from property owners limiting its already tight budget.

A hearing will take place Jan. 10 at the city’s next council meeting to review and discuss possibly increasing its business license fee from $20 to $40 per year. Currently, the city sells over 100 business licenses a year. In the next few months, the council will also discuss approving a possible single-issue tax levy or safety fee resolution for 2019.

A series of community work teams was also proposed Thursday on a variety of topics regarding the city’s restoration. Among them would include a “Lakeside Code Enforcement Team” as well as a “Lakeside Events Work Team.”

In the second phase of the work plan, which would be from April to June, Carlstrom informed councilors the possibility of hosting a city wide, free clean-up day through its partnership with Les’ Sanitation. In addition to backing cleaning and beautification efforts for the city, the second phase will also feature multiple festivals and events to promote local tourism.

A driver turns off U.S. Highway 101 headed toward Lakeside on Saturday. City Manager Andrew Carlstrom presented Thursday a plan called “Operat…

“We are going to prepare and support Lakeside Crawdad Festival which is on Mother’s Day weekend and Lakeside Brew Fest which is on Father’s Day weekend,” Carlstrom said at the meeting.

He also proposed the idea of declaring June “Lakeside Pride Month” to help boost local pride and volunteerism. In July, the third phase will begin with the city’s continued efforts to support more events and its work teams.

With economic growth being a focal point at Thursday’s meeting, Carlstrom reminded councilors of its city’s unique location and closeness to the Dunes National Recreational Area and Tenmile Lakes and how it could use these areas to capitalize on its local tourism.

Phases four and five have yet to be outlined. However, Carlstrom added there will be more work sessions and community meetings held throughout the year to determine what those final stages will be.

The city’s aging wastewater plant was also discussed at last week’s meeting. Carlstrom’s presentation included potentially adding additional sewage pumps to align with the city’s growth as well as adding a new plant.

If approved, its construction is estimated to take about five to seven years pending completion of a new rate study, facility plan and funding report.

“We’ve got to start somewhere,” Carlstrom said. “Lakeside is a desirable place to live due to its access to picturesque Tenmile Lakes and it has steadily grown in the last 10 to 20 years.”

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