Lakeside City Council

The Lakeside City Council listens to an update during its September meeting.

LAKESIDE — During its November meeting, the Lakeside City Council discussed where to set a fee for residents to keep chickens within the City of Lakeside.

They set the fee at $25, which will allow residents to keep one to four adult chickens on their property. If residents have at least 10,000 square feet of land, they can have as many as six chickens. The fee was introduced as part of a measure passed during the October city council meeting, which allowed residents to keep chickens inside the city.

The fee will be valid for five years, but is non-refundable. If a resident pays the fee, but no longer has chickens before the five years is up, they cannot get a refund for the remainder of the fee. The fee pertains only to chickens, with roosters and other birds not included in the ordinance.

During public comment, it was noted that some residents may have issues affording the fee, but need to keep chickens on their property. Mayor James Edwards suggested the city may be able to work with these residents and arrange a payment plan to cover the fee.

The council also received an update on the city's wastewater plant. It was noted the city will need to look into replacing the city's water pumps before long. Aaron Speakman said the current pumps were installed in the early 1980s and, though they have been rebuilt since then, are approaching the end of their lives.

"They're really marginal in working correctly," said Speakman, adding that he was confident they could keep them working until replacement could be arranged.

He also said the city's large-quantity pumps made the replacement less of a priority. He said things should work well for now, but replacement would have to happen before long.

City Manager Andrew Carlstrom said they expect a wet winter and stressed the importance of having a working pump system. He said, if all else fails, devising a mobile pump set up would work as well.

Carlstrom also noted they need to keep future expansion of the city in mind, when thinking about wastewater issues. He noted several plots of land are up for sale, or are in the process of being sold and growth is a real possibility.

"We need to take that all into consideration when we do the facilities master plan," Carlstrom said.

During the community comments section of the meeting, Don Nuss, of the Lakeside Fire Fighters Association, told the community that they amended their bylaws to allow anyone in the community to join. He said they hope to begin holding their own events in the near future and invite everyone to get involved.

"One of the things that happens in small communities is groups of people take certain responsibilities and don't let go, and one of the things we need to do is be more inclusive to our community," he said. "We invite everyone and anyone to join."

The Fire Association holds meetings on the first Tuesday of the month.

During its department report, The Lakeside Fire Department discussed an upcoming EMR class in January. Shelly Roe said they have nine volunteers taking the January classes. Three volunteers are taking an EMT class, with others taking a Fire Fighter I and Fire Fighter II courses in Millington.

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