ROSEBURG — The Douglas County Board of Commissioners, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the Douglas County Public Works Department are reminding the motoring public to travel with extreme caution when driving through and near ALL construction zones this summer. At this time, we are especially concerned for the safety of residents and motorists in and around the Hwy 99N/Winchester Construction Project Zone. With the recent closure of the South Bridge, located just north of Taft Drive and south of Virgia Lane, where Hwy 99N crosses Davis Creek, there have been numerous reports of motorists traveling with excessive speed, taking undesignated detours through local residential streets and demonstrating unsafe driving practices.

We continue to stress the importance of motorists utilizing the designated I-5 Detour routes, and not detour through local residential streets. The local streets are not designed to accommodate detour traffic, and are solely meant for residential traffic. We ask that you please respect the local neighborhoods, and use the designated I-5 detour route. During the bridge closure, local and through traffic will be detoured to I-5 at Edenbower Boulevard, Exit 127, and the Del Rio Road, Exit 129. Warning signs and delineators will be installed to notify the motoring public of the bridge closure.

Additionally, when you see the orange reduced speed signs, orange cones, detour indicators and road closure barricades, these roads are part of an active construction zone. The use of excessive speed, U-turns and undesignated detours in these areas will only lead to unnecessary accidents, increased delay periods and create hazardous road conditions, which all impact the safety of local residents, as well as motorists.

Just as a reminder, all local businesses and services along this stretch of Old Hwy 99N will be open for business and readily accessible throughout the project. We just ask that you access the businesses safely, and enter utilizing the north and south I-5 detours for that end of the highway.

We know that driving through construction zones is often necessary to get to your destination. Here are a few tips for safe driving through construction zones:

Speed and Safe Driving Check

  • Please slow down when you approach a work zone. It comes faster than you think
  • Follow posted speed limits, even if there are no workers present.
  • Do not drive through or around barricades, even if there are no workers present.
  • Please obey flaggers instructions, and adhere to posted warning signs.
  • Resume normal speed, only when the signs instruct you to do so.
  • Stay alert and avoid all distractions like cell phones, changing music stations and eating.
  • Please be patient.

Distance and Lane Check

  • Leave at least 2 seconds between you and the car in front of you.
  • Do not pass or drive on the shoulder of the road.
  • Don't make a point with tailgaters by slamming on your brakes. A collision won't solve anything.
  • Do not suddenly decide to change lanes, back up or try to U-turn while you are waiting in line in a construction zone.

Route and Road Check

  • Plan your route so you know where construction is occurring and try to seek alternative routes when possible.
  • Expect delays. Leave extra time so you don't need to worry about running late.
  • Exercise extreme caution, as driving lanes are often close together in construction zones.
  • Exercise extreme caution, as there are a lot of moving vehicles, equipment and workers in construction zones.

Safety is always a priority for the motoring public and we are asking motorists to use caution as they travel thru the construction areas. For more information please contact the Douglas County Public Works Department at 541-440-4268 or visit www.co.douglas.or.us/publicworks/projects.asp

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