REEDSPORT -- Nearly a month has passed since Christmas in July kicked off, and the team almost has all the data back from this year's event.

During a meeting of the Reedsport Rotary Club, Christmas in July coordinator Cindy Farber said this was a good year; with over 50 applications, she said it was one of the biggest years yet. As of the meeting, there was still some work being done on projects, such as longer term repairs or things that require inspections and specialists, but overall everything went well.

Farber said the various teams did almost 100 hours of work, completing approximately 25 projects with another 15 in progress, as of late July. The remaining projects are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

She also gave special thanks to the various companies and groups who donated their services and gave discounts to volunteers during the projects.

Along with the update, Farber gave a rundown of how Christmas in July sets up. At the start of the process, they collect applications for what work needs to be done; Farber said they vet the applications to see if someone has applied before and whether their request falls into the criteria for a project -- some of the requirements she mentioned were that the applicant is the homeowner, and that they plan to continue living there versus doing the work only to sell the house.

"We want to make sure people can stay in the home, as opposed to going to a nursing home or assisted living facility," Farber said.

After the projects are selected, the team looks into what needs to be done and what will be needed for the work. One thing Farber said they hope to incorporate more in the future is opening it for groups to choose their own project; she recalled the Lower Umpqua Hospital has sometimes adopted a project to work on -- she said this can be good for volunteers, since they get to choose the work they want to do and can be prepared with any special tools.

"We want to figure out how to address stuff like that," Farber said of volunteers adopting their projects.

Later this month, the Christmas in July team will meet for a formal recap of the event. During the meeting they will discuss final numbers and any changes that could be made next year.

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