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REEDSPORT — For the eighth year in a row, the Reedsport Volunteer Fire Department will not issue burn barrel or debris burning permits within the Reedsport City limits for the 2020 fire season. There will be no exceptions to this policy for the duration of fire season, according to the city of Reedsport.

The Fire Department will stop issuing permits on Wednesday, June 24. This will occur at the same time that Coos Forest Protective Association has announced that fire season has started.

The reasons for this policy change are:

• To protect the welfare of the community

• Reduce the cost of fire operations

• Alignment with neighboring fire protection agencies

• To provide for firefighter safety

Warming fires, otherwise known as campfires or recreational fires (for cooking and other non-debris burning activities), are still allowed year around, (except during extreme fire danger), and do not require a permit.

"We ask that you burn safely and responsibly," said a city spokesperson. "Use clean, dry firewood, do not leave the fire unattended, put it out completely when finished and be aware of smoke intrusion in your neighborhood, which is regulated by City Ordinance 6.08.020(1)."

For more information, go to and click on the Fire Department link.


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