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Young comedian Mila talks with Sandy Silverthorne during her set at the Port Hole Center's Kid's Comedy Showcase.

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GARDINER -- Young comedians cracked up the community in Gardiner last Saturday during the first Kids Comedy Showcase, with author Sandy Silverthorne, at Port Hole Center.

Only two kids registered to perform, but Ellen Traylor, owner of Port Hole Center, said it was a great event. The audience was packed and everyone had a great time -- Traylor recalled at the start Silverthorne told everyone to laugh loudly if they're enjoying the comics, which they took to heart.

"It was just delightful," she said. "It just turned out beautifully."

Each of the kids had their own material and readings. Silverthorne also interviewed them to give joke openings, as well as doing some of his own material as MC. At the end of the event, both participants received copies of Silverthorne's new children's comedy books, 'Crack Yourself Up Jokes For Kids' and 'More Crack Yourself Up Jokes For Kids.'

Traylor added everyone that came expressed interest in continuing the event -- they will need to do a few more comedy nights to get more involvement and bigger crowds.

"I would call it a success, even though we only had two people sign up," she said.

Silverthorne has been writing books since 1988 and has over 600,000 copies in print with a wide range of publishers, including Penguin, the University of Oregon, and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He is known as a cartoonist, author, illustrator, actor, pastor, public speaker and comedian.

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