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SALEM – The Oregon Department of Transportation wants the public’s help as it undertakes a major planning effort to identify improvements to the Oregon Coast Bike Route, a popular bike route that runs the length of the Oregon coast. Public input is a key part of the OCBR plan, and will set the stage for improved safety, accessibility and enjoyment for residents, visitors and all users of the route.

The public has a chance to provide input and share ideas about improving the OCBR by visiting an Online Open House  through Jan. 31, 2019. The public input and ideas will help ODOT to better understand where the issues and gaps are along the route.

Every year more than 6,000 people ride the OCBR. The route, designated in the early 1980s, attracts tourists from all over the world and is a treasured resource for many visitors and coastal residents.

While ODOT does not currently have funding identified for improvements, the Oregon Coast Bike Route Plan will set the stage for future investments. The plan will identify needs and prioritize improvements to the route to increase safety, accessibility and enjoyment for residents, visitors and all users.

The Oregon Coast Bike Route Plan will:

• Define the route – both where it follows U.S. Highway 101 and where it follows other roadways.

• Identify ways that ODOT and local jurisdictions can improve the route and support riders.

• Identify high priority improvements and develop a plan for implementing those improvements.

It has been over a decade since the OCBR was evaluated and no comprehensive planning work has ever been completed. With the changes in bicycle infrastructure standards, and the growth of bike tourism destinations and travel options both nationally and along U.S. Highway 101, ODOT believes it’s the right time to do this work.

ODOT has been working closely with local jurisdictions and other partner agencies such as the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. This includes coordinating with the Oregon Coast Trail effort, a parallel planning effort, facilitated by OPRD, to improve the hiking experience along the coast. ODOT and OPRD are working together where the hiking and biking routes overlap.

For more information please view the attached factsheet and visit the website at

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