Coquille Martial Arts tournament

Matt Forgey (right) blocks Gabriel Darnell's head kick at a recent Coquille Martial Arts tournament.

COQUILLE — Coquille Martial Arts sponsored a tournament at the Coquille Community Building on Nov 16. Competitors from as far away as Alturas, Calif., met to compete for the best all around prizes: sword sets for those over 6 and a single display for those 6 or under.

"Martial arts and martial arts competition fosters confidence, focus and good sportsmanship," said Jim Saxon, instructor.

The sword sets went to Finley Stamley, 6, from Coast Karate in Coos Bay; Sam Forgey, 11, from Coquille Martial Arts, Bandon location; and to Lee Holland, 35, from Coquille Martial Arts, Coquille studio.

Bandon results, with age for the competitors. 

Abby Keeler, 5, first traditional forms, second sparring

Zeke Forgey, 8, second traditional forms, and weapons, first in creative forms and sparring

Tygh Wacker (Langlois), 8, first sparring

Levi Keeler, 11, first weapons form, second creative forms and sparring

Sam Forgey, 11, first traditional forms, sparring and creative forms, second weapons form, and best overall ages 7-17

Andrew Forgey, 13, second in sparring, weapons and creative forms, third in traditional forms

Matthew Forgey, 13, second in traditional forms, first in weapons, creative forms and sparring, and runner up to best overall

Jim Saxton, instructor, second in master's division forms

Coquille Martial Arts is located at 74 E First St., in Coquille, 541-396-5576, with locations in Coos Bay at 158 Market Ave., and in Bandon at The Barn, 1200 11th St. SW, facebook.com/CoquilleMartialArts

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