BANDON - Five students from Coquille Martial Art's Bandon location traveled to Eugene for Taekwondo Hanmadang on May 6 and brought home a total of 19 medals in events including archery, traditional and creative forms, weapons forms, power breaking, creative breaking and speed breaking.

One of the most challenging events is a spinning hook kick breaks, with the competitor doing continuous spinning hooks and breaking as many boards as they can in 30 seconds. The five boys spent many hours training in both Coquille and Bandon preparing for the tournament which included many categories they had never competed in previously, said their coaches.

Taekwondo Hanmadang is the new direction for taekwondo. Hanmadang means festival and combines the best of Taekwondo: Forms, weapons, demo teams, archery, paper cutting(using a wooden sword or a dull metal practice sword) and breaking, in an open and inclusive atmosphere, welcoming all martial arts schools/styles. Judging is systemized in a way to make it fair to all competitors. Only the traditional forms/poomsae are exclusive to wtf/Kukkiwon taekwondo, which leaves dozen of events open to everyone.

This year, however, there was an experimental kung fu division, and the organizers of Oregon State Hanmadang are working to also have karate and other style specific divisions with help from the schools and organizations that sponsor those styles. In addition, the national event, the USTC Open aka The U.S. Hanmadang has $30,000 worth of scholarship money available for college-bound black belt taekwondo competitors. They are looking for colleges willing to include Taekwondo in their curriculum and to sponsor demo teams to give these young people a place to practice their art and continue competition during college and donors to create an even larger fund.

Coquille Martial Arts instructors and their students have participated in the Oregon State Hanmadang since its inception and are excited to be part of this event and to move their students forward into a forward looking, welcoming and fun annual competition.

Final rankings

Matthew Forgey, 13, Bandon: Individual traditional form - 2nd, individual creative breaking - 3rd, individual flying side break - 2nd, individual power skipping side break - 3rd, team traditional form - 2nd (with his brother Sam), team creative weapons - 1st (with Sam), archery - 4th

Sam Forgey, 10, Bandon: individual team forms - 2nd, individual creative breaking - 2nd, individual flying side - 1st, individual power breaking skipping side - 1st, team traditional forms - 2nd, team creative weapons forms - 1st, archery - 1st, speed spinning hook break - 2nd

Zeke Forgey, 8, Bandon: individual team form - 1st, individual creative weapons Form - 1st

Andrew Keeler, 12, Bandon: individual traditional weapons - 2nd, speed spinning hook break - 1st

Levi Keeler, 10, Bandon: individual traditional forms - 1st

May 18 tournament

COQUILLE - On Saturday, May 18, Coquille Martial Arts hosted a tournament in their Coquille Studio. Students from Three Rivers Martial Arts Academy and Coast Karate attended, in addition to students from Coquille Martial Arts Coos Bay, Bandon and Coquille schools.

The events included forms, weapons forms, light contact point sparring and speed spinning hook kicks. The last event was a training event to prepare for next year's Oregon State Taekwondo Hanmadang. The number of spinning hook kicks executed with power in a 30-second period were counted. The highest scores went to advanced students Sam Forgey of Bandon, with 22, and Matthew Johnson, 14, of Coos Bay came in a close second with 21. Levi and Andrew Keeler, ages 10 and 12, pf Bandon tied for third with 18. In the beginner kids class, Jordan King, 7, Coquille, earned a first place with 15. Lee Holland placed 1st in the teen adult division for beginner-intermediate.

Coquille Martial Arts will be expanding its program to include other Hanmadang events in their training, including a traditional archery class at the Coquille location, starting in June.

Final rankings


Dustin Duran, 9: sparring - 2nd, forms - 3rd

Devin Durab, 7: forms - 2nd, sparring - 2nd

Noah Schweninger, 9: sparring - 1st, forms - 2nd

Bridger Schweninger, 10: sparring 1st, forms - 1st

Summer Whitmer, 37: forms - 2nd, sparring - 1st

Zeke Forgey, 8: sparring - 1st, 30-secong spinning hook - 2nd, forms - 1st, weapons - 1st

Sam Forgey, 10: weapons - tie for 2nd, 30-second spinning hook - 1st, sparring - 3rd

Matthew Forgey, 13: weapons - 3rd

Sean Crowley, 10: forms - 2nd, sparring - 1st

Levi Keeler, 10: forms - 1st, spinning hook - tie for 3rd

Andrew Keeler, 12: forms - 2nd, sparring - 2nd, spinning hook - tie for 3rd


Lee Holland, 34, forms - 1st, weapons - 1st, sparring - 1st, spinning - 1st

Ayden Gardner, 8: forms - 2nd

Jordan King, 7: sparring - 1st, 30-second spinning hooks - 1st

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