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This is a rebuttle to the letter from Keith from Reedsport who is endorsing the Jordan Cove pipeline in order to benefit children, lol!

After fighting off the Penn East pipeline in NJ, I find it very comical that he’s promoting something that can destroy children in order to say that it helps children! If you go back months ago I wrote to the editor and it was called “Fight the pipe lines!” The whole point of fighting Jordan Cove pipeline is not only to benefit children but to preserve the quality of life that is left up in Coos Bay.

If you Google my name and the name of the newspaper my article should come up, and it’s called “Fight the pipelines”! Of course there will be jobs, however they will be short-lived. How about all the trucks that will be clogging up the roads in Coos Bay that are carrying humongous pipes that they’re going to lay in the earth and possibly contaminate the water supply? How many people want to drive on roads like this in all kinds of weather? And what they will leave behind?

Pipelines leave behind chaos, depression and anxiety in the population and ruination of the natural beauty flora and fauna. Not to mention the possible explosions, incineration, ruination of the water supply and destruction of the ecological balance. The research shows that these jobs will not be sustainable except for very few. The pipeline poses a threat to children more than it will help them in terms of taxes.

And by the way, apparently marijuana sales in Oregon have boosted taxes enough that schools will be helped immensely and it will not cause the Cascadia subduction zone to rip apart as these pipelines might! Yikes! Would it be the chicken or the egg? Will it be the subduction zone zipping apart, causing an earthquake and then blowing up the pipeline or will it be the drilling/blasting for the pipeline that causes the Cascadia subduction zone to rip apart?

I don’t want to be a modern-day Nostradamus but I had to put in a rebuttal to the man from Reedsport named Keith who supports such an awful enterprise. Our governor does not support this pipeline and neither do I, neither do the children! A good one to watch is “above all else” streaming on Amazon. Same issues.

Kathleen Mccusker


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