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On Feb. 16, I emailed our Coos County Commissioners highlighting my concerns about the cap-and-trade legislation under consideration in the short session of the State Legislative Assembly. I reminded the Commissioners about the potential negative impact these bills would have on our economy, tax base, employment and more. 

I’m pleased to report, Commissioner Bob Main responded immediately and committed to bringing this issue before the Commission on Feb. 18.

By mid-morning on Feb. 18, the Coos County Commissioners unanimously passed Resolution 20-20-029C opposing SB1530. This is one of two cap-and-trade bills with similar language moving through the Legislature.

Shortly after their meeting adjourned, each Commissioner reached out let me know a resolution had passed and a copy was forwarded to me.

I agree that we want to be good stewards of our environment. However, cap-and-trade is not the way to go about it. The proposed legislation does more to hurt our economy and has marginal impact on the environment.

On behalf of most of Coos County, I want to thank our Commissioners for their commitment to serve the citizens who elected them to speak on our behalf. Well done.

Teri Grier

Coos Bay


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