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Letter to the Editor

Dear communities of Bandon, Langlois, Sixes and Port Orford,

I am writing to thank all of our generous community members who came to us with their gifts of clothing, blankets, tents, tarps, backpacks, shoes, toiletries, heat packs and food. On behalf of our outreach, clinical and management teams and board of directors, I send our deep appreciation to you all for your support. With your kind and generous donations, our stock of supplies is now full for the season! We no longer in need of clothing or supplies, thank you!

For those community member who supported our efforts with financial donations, your gifts remain dedicated solely to purchasing those supplies we do and will need throughout the balance of this winter weather. We will always gladly accept financial donations specific to this effort. Every dollar directly supports the purchase of supplies and equipment for our vulnerable.

As the cold and rain continues, and the dark skies appear so early in the evening, I am often struck by the number of vulnerable I continue to see out in our community battling the elements. Some who have shelter, but visit our outreach team on a regular basis simply to bridge the gap for month end by receiving some supplies too expensive to purchase, or simply to reserve a time for a hot shower. These are our community members, our clients and our patients. They live among us, often going unnoticed and lean on Coast Community Health Center to maintain stability in their often fragile lives.

I am humbled by the generosity of our community members, and equally by the tenacity and deep care our employees at CCHC selflessly provide to our vulnerable community members. As we turn the page onto 2019, I send thanks and well wishes, on behalf of our board of directors, employees and volunteers to the communities we serve with the hope for peace, acceptance and humanity towards our all our neighbors, business partners and leaders, elderly and children. Happy New Year.

Linda Maxon

Chief Executive Officer

Coast Community Health Center

Bandon/Port Orford

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