Letter to the Editor

The Coast Guard has determined that a continuously active foghorn at the Bandon South Jetty is not required as an aid to navigation and plans to upgrade it, as it has all others on the Oregon and Washington coasts, to one that is only active when needed.

Growing up near Lake Michigan in the 1960s, the foghorns were only active if there was fog. I remember watching a lot of sunsets at Ottawa Beach State Park with the family listening to the sound of the waves. Living in Bandon I like to walk to Coquille Point to watch the sunsets. The constant artificial noise of the foghorn masking the natural sounds of the ocean at Coquille Point is annoying, but since the Coast Guard thinks it is necessary then so be it.

Now that the Coast Guard thinks it is necessary only when there is fog, the unnecessary artificial noise is noise pollution. D13-PF-LNM@uscg.mil is the Coast Guard email address for Bandon foghorn comments. There are some in town opposed to this change who are fighting against the Coast Guard's plan to the upgrade, so if you're for a noise pollution-free Coquille Point, please email to let the Coast Guard know that you support them and their decision to upgrade the foghorn.

Gary Bazuin


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