Letter to the Editor

We are not a big city. Your plan to squash four lanes to three and say to pull out from side streets, such as (by) the high school and/or Dairy Queen, which is now 8 seconds and will only will be a bit more with no traffic light is absurd. 

The big food trucks trying to pull into McKay's, Napa, Ace Hardware, Dairy Queen - I feel for them. 

But you want a bike lane (for bikes that do NOT stop at stop signs or traffic signals ever), and you want parking for the trolley and a bus you're going to get.

Too bad someone had not done "the right thing" before the motorcyclist got killed a year and a half ago while stopped for someone crossing in the crosswalk at Ninth and Highway 101.

This road diet is not the answer.

Beth and Rick Natham


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