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Letter to the Editor

Some very big decisions were made at the last Port of Bandon Commission meeting. The commissioners voted unanimously to move ahead with two infrastructure projects that will greatly improve the waterfront user experience.

First is a plan spurred on by our Port Manager Jeff Griffin, to lower and widen the jetty deck from 6’ to 24’ and make it ADA accessible for all people to fish from. This is sure to be popular with residents and visitor alike. We should be looking forward to concept drawings of the project made available to the public soon.

The Commission also moved in favor of beginning the process of total marina replacement with state-of-the-art design and materials. The decades old, rotting wood docks will be replaced with a sturdy concrete type, just like Weber’s Pier, the “crab dock”. The specifics haven’t been nailed down yet, but this project will most likely be broken up into phases due to the huge expense and immediate needs.

Sadly, on its way out is the 30-year-old, Shutter Creek inmate work crew program. Inconsistencies in getting enough skilled workers are making the program unsustainable. There was a time when they could fill a van with skilled laborers who made great contributions to the Port. These days, while they still make important contributions appreciated by the Port and community, we’re lucky to get a few guys with the needed skill sets or as soon as they are trained, they are transferred out. As an alternative, the Commission decided to hire two full time, skilled staff members to assist the Harbormaster in day-to-day operations of the Port. All Commissioners agreed on trying to find a way to stay involved with a work release program of some sort, into the future.

Keep a look out for these great developments happening around the Port. I thank the Commissioners for making these big, bold, positive decisions for Bandon’s future.

Brian Kraynik

Owner/Operator of Coos Boat Tours


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