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Letter to the Editor

People are writing letters against the hotel being built adjacent to the Coquille Point National Wildlife Refuge. They are about protecting the Refuge. I have not seen any letters against building new hotels in Bandon.

The Coquille Point National Wildlife Refuge is a Protected Scenic Resource for the City of Bandon. It is protected by both the Bandon Municipal Code and the City of Bandon Comprehensive Plan. The new Keiser hotel does not qualify for a Conditional Use Permit under these rules.

Mike Keiser could build a new hotel over where the old Bandon Beach Motel and the Three Gables Restaurant used to be. That would not be adjacent to the Refuge and would be more than the protected 100 feet away from the Refuge.

Mike Keiser owns property all over Bandon and he has plans for several hotels. He should show respect for the Refuge and respect for the people of Bandon and not ask once again for the rules to be broken just for him. Rules are for the protection of all of us and they are not meant to be broken just for one.

Judy Smilan


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