Letter to the Editor

Please look at Ballot Measure 6-178. It is a five-year levy for our 911 communications system radios. The current system is old, failing and has poor or no coverage in several areas. If you dial 911 in Coos County, your call will probably be dispatched and traced on this system. The levy is five years and set up so the funds from it cannot be used elsewhere. Most of the equipment that makes up this system is no longer made so parts and repairs are not easy.

The cost is .20 per $1,000 for five years. We looked for grants and it was not possible. I am a taxpayer also and I hate to ask anyone for money in these times, but the future response and safety of the first responders is vital. They need a safe, reliable system to serve the people of Coos County.

All of the Coos County fire chiefs support this measure. Law enforcement also supports this effort. The system serves over 30 agencies.

Lanny Boston

Chief, Bandon Rural Fire Protection District


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