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Letter to the Editor

Mrs. Lawson, the only part of your letter that is not propaganda is these four words: "It needs city utilities."

Our utilities exist because of 100-plus years of tax dollars paid to establish and maintain them. The rightful owners of our utilities are all the citizens, all the taxpayers of Bandon. These rightful owners must have the final say on whether your private corporation, with its outsized water needs, gets access to the services.

This permission must be granted via a formal, legal ballot - a ballot mailed to us under the signature of the County Clerk, a secret ballot that is opened and counted only by legally appointed and sworn election workers.

You claim that your project is for "everyone" in Bandon. Prove it, by 1) ceasing your back-room collusion with the mayor and two councilors, and 2) directing your energy toward a legal ballot measure which asks:

"Do you want to allow a private corporation to locate its swimming pool in City Park for the purpose of taking city utilities?"

In a world where you can be anything, be honest!

William Hand


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