Letter to the Editor

When I moved to Bandon it was the second safest town in Oregon and they had it on their website.

Well, if you have seen the city's website lately, that No. 2 ranking is gone, they removed it! No explanation, no warnings of increased criminal activity in this town or theft and in fact from what I hear and read Bandon's thievery has apparently skyrocketed. Petty theft and worse types of theft will soon rival that of Coos Bay in the not-too-distant future.

But it’s a big secret no one wants to talk about. Why? The gun store was robbed, my friends who have a business near the gun store were robbed once or twice, my neighbors were robbed, several bikes (including mine) were stolen, State Farm Insurance was robbed, and yet nobody’s talking about it.

When we got our utility bills why wasn’t it in one of the newsletters warning us to lock all of our doors and windows and take other precautions because it seems crime is on the rise. Why didn’t the mayor call a meeting for the residents to come hear about what’s going on and have the police give us a talk on how to protect our property?

Since nobody will answer me I am putting it out there. Maybe I’ll be a whistle blower and save somebody from getting robbed themselves by putting up security cameras, extra lighting, trimming bushes that would be near your windows, carrying personal safety devices and always being on the lookout.

But the biggest question is why? Why have we gone down from the No. 2 safest city in Oregon? In my mind we have gone down the slippery slope and the city allowed it to happen.

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Most blame it on the homeless and meth but is that the real story? Somebody needs to step up to the plate and address this before it becomes an epidemic.

I purposely moved to this town, as opposed to Coos Bay, because it was so safe here. Now I want to hear from the city and from the police department with a public service announcement so other people will not become victims like myself and my friends.

One of the safest little idyllic towns in the country has fallen victim to some kind of evil and I want answers. We deserve to be back to that No. 2 ranking we had in 2017 and every citizen should do what they can to make it so.

Kathleen McCusker


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