Letter to the Editor

Do public parks exist to access natural beauty or are they a stage for artificial noises?

The Coast Guard plans to install an on-demand system to the foghorn adjacent to the Bandon South Jetty Park so it can be accessed by mariners when needed and turned off when not in use. However, there’s been a pushback from certain locals to keep the continuously sounding horn for its sentimental value. This reasoning seems at odds with what the plaque at the Bandon South Jetty Park says:

“Dedicated for public use on the Pacific ocean for fishing, storm watching, picnicking and enjoyment of the outdoors.”

By those words, keeping the continuous horn for any other reason than practical safety and navigation deliberately pollutes the natural beauty of the outdoors with useless noise.

I mean honestly, is it any different than keeping guardrails where there's no cliff or endlessly shooting signal flares in a starry night sky when no one is lost?

Nigel Wright


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