Letter to the Editor

Most people who care about our area already know the facts:

The natatorium burned with the town in 1936.

Dedicated citizens have been working to replace that pool, with the first committee begun in 1949 with Carol Acklin's father. Thanks to Bill Russell, a nonprofit was formed in 2005.

Plans have been revised, property purchased, sustainability proven, and committed citizens have worked tirelessly.

Budget, feasibility study, website and open public meetings have been held. The pool needs to be located centrally between the Bandon Dunes area, Coquille and Port Orford. It needs city utilities.

Bandon is lucky, as the town will receive jobs and more business as a result. The benefits of safety, exercise and therapy are obvious, as are the three school districts which will benefit.

One anonymous citizen has seen this effort, and donated $2.5 million of their estate to prove the ability to keep up the expense in case of rare emergencies.

The location of City Park has caused hysteria, rudeness, misunderstandings and misinformation among a few poorly informed citizens. Most of them live on or near right of ways into City Park.

There are many parts of the City Park and many parking areas from 11th through Eighth Street. There are many creative solutions. The job of Bandon's City Council is to work for the benefit of the entire community and not simply a small, vocal (and selfish) group.

A wise person said, "In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

Myra Lawson


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