Letter to the Editor

I would like to say that after this past Thursday’s 6.4 magnitude earthquake, at a shallow depth, that our town of Bandon may need to accelerate our preparations.

Of course we have the siren the first Wednesday of the month that reminds us and then we sort of forget about it. In the future, I would like to propose that we have, every other month an evacuation drill. We would all be advised via our utility bills and also the Bandon and Police Department Facebook page. We would then know when we hear the siren that we are to evacuate to the designated areas like the high school. This would get us in a preparatory mood since Thursday's earthquake was the strongest we’ve had in quite a long time and the activity of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are increasing globally.

I don’t want to be a scaremonger but how many people would actually participate? I know I would! Also if there’s anyone who is very familiar with earthquakes, like somebody from California possibly, we could have a Bandon preps group. There we could all exchange ideas and at least get it out in the open what is possible instead of burrowing our heads in the sand.

There is a YouTube video called "Shockwaves: 100 Years After the 1906 Earthquake," which I just watched and it was a huge wake-up call! I know that the siren once a month is not going to cut it in the future, so let’s see if we can be the Best Prepared Town on the South Coast. Now, assemble those HFTH (head for the hills) bags!

Kathleen McCusker


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