Letter to the Editor

As one of Dr. Megan Holland's patients, I was outraged to learn of her sudden departure. She follows a long line of excellent primary care physicians (Janet Bates, Ken Bates, Greg Aitchison) who have left our community. Dr. Holland's resignation and the continual turnover of CEOs is symptomatic of some deeper management practices that exist in our hospital which have dire and direct consequences to our residents, particularly those over 55 years of age. 

I understand that there are various reasons for physicians to come and go, but it is the ultimate responsibility of the hospital to recruit and retain qualified physicians to service our community. We have always been underserved, as evidenced by physicians not only not taking new patients, but also closing their waiting lists. This results in high cost, inappropriate usage of the Emergency Department or patients ultimately leaving town for medical care, creating a direct negative impact on the inpatient and ancillary care services offered by Southern Coos Hospital.

The time has come for the Board and administration to listen to the concerns of its patients and employees as they demand accountability for the organizational problems that continue to plague this hospital. These historic problems cannot be ameliorated by utilizing current hospital staff. A systematic overhaul is essential and can only be objectively pursued by a hospital consulting firm, hired to identify the internal problems and recommend solutions. Although it may initially appear threatening, the future of quality local healthcare is at stake. We cannot continue on this path of chaos.

Gary De Salvatore, MPA

Susan De Salvatore, MS


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