Letter to the Editor

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In response to a recent letter, we, the other people I guess, who are going about our business, so sorry — NOT. 

We all do things differently, eat differently, dress differently, buy different cars and we are allowed our opinion. 

If we shop, drive, eat with no mask, it's our choice. We all realize there is a virus, we are staying safe. We stay far from you, we stand on the tape in every store. Your mask protects you, keeps your germs to you. 

I, for one, do not live in a bubble or drink the "juice" and do not have to be told by everyone, "Wash your hands. Are we in kindergarten? 

It's everyone's right to wear a mask or not. (Because of) your complaining, now all McKay's workers have to wear a mask. Hot, icky, feel bad. Instead of being thankful (that) stores are open and waiting on you people, you choose to complain, make nasty calls and get on Facebook, acting like you're the "Walmart Police" — oh wait, that's parking. 

Mind your business, not everyone else's.

Karen Parish



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