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Letter to the Editor

We support the city reinstating the vacation rental permit for Frank Gu.

My wife and I used to own Bandon Beach Vacation Properties, LLC in Bandon. We had a client that built a home that he intended to use as a place where his family could visit for holidays and vacations and they could retire to in the future. Using it as a vacation rental would help offset the expenses and allow them to visit the town they fell in love with, Bandon.

The Planning Commission approved the Conditional Use Request for a vacation rental permit Sept. 29, 2017.

David Kimes who was at one time the code enforcement officer for Bandon and currently sits as the chairman for the Bandon Planning Commission said he felt all the conditions had been met.

Daniel Graham was the project supervisor for the construction of Face Rock Creamery and now the vice president of Face Rock Creamery. Graham was a Planning Commissioner at the time Frank Gu’s request for a vacation rental permit was approved, Graham said as a planning commissioner I am held by what the law does and doesn’t allow, Graham also said the law and the code have said this is what the city wants and this is what the city allows. He said it is in a CD zone, the house was approved by the planning department to be built, the house has a certificate of occupancy and meets the criteria.

When you build a house in a CD zone it actually has a more thorough review from the planning department than a house in a residential zone, and the planning department gave the OK to build the house.

Harv Schubothe agreed with Daniel Graham, he also felt that they have applied the code the same way consistently in the past with other vacation rental permit requests. Schubothe said when you look at the requirements, he feels they have been met.

Gerald Slothower also had no objections, he said most of the objections he has heard are what might happen, he said you should not prevent it from being a vacation rental based on things that could or might happen. He says he doesn’t see any reason to turn down the vacation rental permit request.

(Basing a decision on what might happen would be known as supposition, conjecture, an assumption.)

David Kimes, Daniel Graham, Harv Schubothe and Gerald Slothower are smart and intelligent men and can separate emotions from the facts and all agree this application and property met the qualifications to become a vacation rental.

The planning department had a list of almost 20 recommendations that should be followed if the property was to be a vacation rental and my client had no problem following each and every recommendation at the time.

In a City Council meeting Chris Powell asked Bandon Police Sgt. Larry Lynch if he knew how many complaints a year vacation rentals have and I believe Sgt Larry Lynch responded, hardly any, very few.

It was my testimony that in the 16 years I owned Bandon Beach Vacation Properties, LLC that we never had a situation requiring police assistance because of unruly guests.

If you own a vacation rental you have very strict rules that you have to follow and if there are violations the vacation rental owner can be brought in for review by the city Planning Commission and potentially lose their permit. These rules are in place to help neighbors if they need help.

Parking is not an issue here because vacation rentals have to have off street parking for every car that is allowed to the property and the owner is required to instruct the guests not to park in the street. This property has ample parking.

It is my opinion that the vacation rental permit Frank Gu was given by the Planning Commission and revoked by the City Council should be reinstated.

Planning Commissioner Sherryl Bremmer made a statement about a recreational marijuana facility that applies to this situation.

"Sheryl Bremmer said the Commission could not deny the CUP because the application meets all the criteria. "We're anticipating problems that don't exist yet,"

This property meets the requirements and people are anticipating problems that don’t exist yet.


Dave Schradieck

Previous owner of

Bandon Beach Vacation Properties, LLC


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