I am happy to honor Charlotte's Christmas Eve request for a response to Mr. Shilling's rhetorical question. Your reporter had asked him about the pending impeachment. Mr. Shilling responded with, "... and who cares?" We note Charlotte's conflation, "I take that to mean ...", attempting to randomly attach her long list of unrelated allegations to Mr. Shilling's singular opinion of this impeachment.

Americans have largely tuned out this endless melodrama emanating from the House of Representatives. The House launched impeachment right after we elected Trump to be our president, as Speaker Pelosi recently admitted. Their impeachment has droned on, due to their tedious search for any sort of crime, with which to give it legs. Lacking any criminal allegation, their committee floated assorted terms, but finally settled for "abuse of power" and "obstruction of Congress" — neither of which are crimes. Meanwhile, Trump's popularity keeps rising, especially with minorities and independents.

Military defense aid for Ukraine was withheld by Obama since 2014, in deference to Putin. Their domestic aid was also blocked by Vice President Biden, unless they immediately fired the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating criminal activity surrounding Hunter Biden's Burisma Board. Joe Biden later gleefully recounted his abuse of power, in a public speech: The prosecutor canned, Hunter off the hook, then aid was released. CNN whistled past the graveyard.

Recently, Trump suggested they again scrutinize corruption. Ukraine opted to not investigate. Days later, Trump released a huge aid package for Ukraine. Obviously, there was no connection between Trump's request and our federal aid. The Ukrainian President and others verified that there was no connection. Trump made no abuse of power, attempted or otherwise.

Obstructing Congress is Trump's responsibility under our Constitution. Not to be pedantic, but Charlotte and Congress could be reminded that our Constitution requires a balance of power between Federal branches, to either obstruct or endorse one another.

Two examples: Recently, our courts obstructed Obamacare, which was imposed on us by Congress nine years ago.

Trump endeavored to finish the wall he promised, which Congress had funded. The House suddenly changed their minds, and obstructed our President from accessing those funds. If President Trump never obstructed Congress, that would be dereliction of his duty, and we would be at risk as a Constitutional Republic.

To Charlotte's request: "Who cares?" This plumber cares, as does my family, about truth, justice, liberty and our Constitution.

Stan Avery


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