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The following letter was read to the council by City of Bandon employee Mark Dornath at the Oct. 7 City Council meeting. About 40 city employees were present at the meeting to offer support to City Manager Robert Mawson, who resigned last week. Mawson's last day will be Friday. Please also see Mawson's letter on this page.

Madame Mayor, Members of the Council, we would like to thank you for allowing us to speak tonight.

For those of you that do not know who we are, we are just some of the staff that have had the privilege of working for the City of Bandon under City Manager, Robert Mawson.

When Robert heard that we might be here tonight, he said we shouldn’t, and didn’t need to be here. Sorry Robert, this is one request of yours we could not follow, and you are wrong, we do need to be here.

We want to make sure the Community, City Council and most of all, Robert knows how we, his staff, feel about him as our leader.

We understand that it was by his own decision to resign, we are not happy about it, however we commend him on making that difficult decision and will respect his choice. We are all deeply saddened to think that he will no longer hold the title of Bandon’s City Manager and our leader.

Although Robert has only been City Manager for three years, we have come to learn who he really is as a person, a fellow co-worker and as our leader. He is the most honest, compassionate, and caring person. He is always looking out for the better well-being of this community and the staff. Robert has raised the morale of the employees up by leaps and bound in such a short amount of time. He always makes staff feel appreciated and valued.

Robert always brings a commonsense approach to issues in a place where commonsense seems to elude so many. His tact and chill demeanor will always be appreciated by us.

Robert has made such an improvement in the “teamwork” here at City Hall. He, as our leader, has demonstrated that we are all on the same team, and we are all working towards the same goal. That goal is what is best for our community and our city. He has created a family like atmosphere within City Hall.

Robert started the “All Staff Meetings” to get the different departments within the City to come together as one group, one TEAM. As part of this effort he included the library staff in these meetings and supported the library’s efforts in community events for people of all ages. He recognizes and supports the vital role of our public library for the residents of Bandon.

Robert is involved with many outside committees and organizations. He tries to attend as many meetings as he can, even if they were outside of regular business hours or on weekends. By attending these meetings, he is showing the committees and organizations that the City does care about what is going on in our community

Robert is easy to talk to and makes sure that staff feel relaxed and comfortable coming to him with any concerns, problems or ideas, big or small. He has made sure that his door is always open if we need to talk to him.

Robert has also made himself available to the public when possible. If someone walks into City Hall and wants to talk with him, he will usually stop what he is doing and take the time to talk with them. If he is in another meeting or with someone else, he makes sure we get their name and number so he can follow up with them via phone or schedule time to meet with them.

You will notice that we keep referring to Robert as our Leader and not our Boss. When you look BOSS up in the Webster’s New World Dictionary, the definition is,

• one who controls a political organization;

• to act as boss of;

• to order about,

And the definition of LEADER is,

• one that leads;

• guiding head.

Robert has always been our leader.

To Robert, we thank you for all of your help, your time and your support. You will be highly recommended by us at any point should it be needed. We are certain you will be an asset to wherever you may end up furthering your career as an excellent leader.

We will finish by saying, the community is losing a great member, the City is losing an excellent City Manager with such great ideas, but we the staff will forever have a wonderful FRIEND.

He will be missed more than anyone could possibly know!

Thank You.



City of Bandon staff

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