I could not believe what I was seeing when I scanned in this first picture, taken during a heavy wind and rain storm by my late uncle Lou Felsheim in December of 1965.

It wasn't until I read the caption in Western World that I realized how creative he'd been.

"The storm scene is Highway 101 (Oregon Avenue) in front of LaKris Motel shortly after 1 p.m., as a pickup truck splashes by, heading south into the teeth of the gale. Distortions giving the picture a submarine quality, is from the rain-covered windshield through which the camera recorded the moment."

The article goes on to say that more than six inches of rain fell in this area during the week of Dec. 21 through Dec. 27, with more than two inches being recorded on Christmas Eve. At the peak of the storm, wind gusts of between 90 and 95 miles an hour were registered by the wind gauge at the local Coast Guard Station.

On a more serene day, the second photo was taken in August of 1981 as people fish off the port dock, and just enjoy the day amid the fishing boats, with the Moore Mill Truck Shop and Moore Mill visible in the background.

The third picture features John McNutt of Eugene taken in November of 1978 as he announces plans to build the Bandon Shopping Center, near the junction of Highway 42S and 101.

He said it would eventually include nearly 100,000 square feet of shopping space, including a grocery supermarket, variety store, department store, drug store, shoe store and a cafe. "The center, located on property previously owned by Roger and Barry Winters (Winters Auto and RV) and Tom Campbell (Leisure Living By The Sea) will come to Bandon after considerable research has shown Bandon would support such a center because of several factors including purchases made out-of-town and shopping which is expected to come from the area around Bandon."

I was on the City Council when the issue of a zone change, from residential to commercial for the proposed site, came before us, and several of the councilors did not feel it was the proper place for a shopping center even though it was right on the highway. I pushed hard for the rezone and ultimately was able to persuade the majority that this would be a plus for the community.

* * *

Recently I received a strange email from a Mrs. Julieth Mam, which started out "Dearest One," and goes on to tell me that "after serial fasting and prayers, the spirit of God directed me to contact you. I am Julieth Mane (oops it is signed Julieth Mam) now undergoing medical treatment."

Her "story" is that when her late husband was alive he deposited the sum of 3.8 million Usd with a Bank in Ivory Coast, and since she is now going to die, she wants "to donate this fund to church or better still a Christian individual that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct here in."

She closes: "Get back to me for more details."

Yeah right!

* * *

Eto Landucci, son of Ed and Crystal Landucci, who was injured in an incident in front of The Arcade Tavern last Saturday evening about 5:20, remains in a medically induced coma. Eto is in the Oregon Health and Science University Hospital (OHSU) in Portland, where he underwent surgery for a head injury.

Sgt. Larry Lynch said after being hit, Landucci fell backwards to the cement. "He was not hit from behind as was first reported," the Sergeant said.

* * *

I learned this week that Joyce Gerber, 83, a long-time resident of Bandon and former businesswoman, died after a lengthy illness. Joyce, who at one time had a vintage clothing shop in Old Town, was married to Larry Gerber, who survives.

* * *

I am still trying to obtain information about an accident on Beach Loop Road last week, near Devil's Kitchen, involving four young Bandon women, including one 16-year-old and three who were older. I understand that Beach Loop Road had flooded in the low spot near Devil's Kitchen, and when the vehicle hit it, the driver lost control and spun into the bank. I do know that the Jaws of Life was required to get one of the girls out of the vehicle.

At least two of them are said to be in Doernbecher Hospital in Portland. As soon as Sgt. Larry Lynch gives me the names, I will release them.

* * *

The national Governing magazine contained an article this month titled "Addicted To Fines," and had a map of the 840 cities in the United States that rely heavily on revenues from fines and forfeitures to support city government. The subhead said: "small towns in much of the country are dangerously dependent on punitive fines and fees."

There were only six in Oregon, including Port Orford, but Port Orford relied most heavily on fines as a percentage of their general fund revenues. Other Oregon towns were Coburg, Manzanita, Stanfield, Hubbard and Umatilla.

The article said that for Fiscal year 2018, Port Orford received $413,980 from citations for their General Fund of a total of $860,785 in General Fund revenues .... or 48.1 percent.

That amounted to $421 per adult resident of Port Orford, according to the article.

From what I understand, Port Orford has been operating its own court system for many years, and may be grandfathered, which is the reason other cities are not able to use traffic court fines to support city government.

Now we know why Port Orford is often considered to be a "speed trap." They depend heavily on those revenues.

The residents benefit in two ways: help in paying for city government and the slowing down of traffic through their town.

Many of the cities on the map were in the South.

* * *

If you missed seeing Councilor Madeline Seymour at this year's Cranberry parade, there was a reason. She had fallen on a water spill (from her dog's water dish) on the tile floor in her kitchen and fractured her knee cap.

She saw the orthopedic surgeon this week, who said it was a clean facture and no surgery was needed, which was the good news. She's to pretty much be immobile for four weeks before another visit to the specialist.

But she assured me she would be at the Oct. 7 council meeting ... and I have no doubt that she'll be there.

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