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The first picture I am sharing was taken in 1939 of the "new" Coast Guard Station, which was built in 1939 and decommissioned in 1946. At that time it was said to be "one of the most modern structures of its kind on the Pacific Coast." The building today is owned by the Port of Bandon, and houses their office and several businesses.

What interested me even more about this photo, which came out of Western World, was the photographer (Soterion). That would be Tom Soterion, who had his darkroom studio and his small home on Elmira Avenue, just south of Goddard Energy. I spent many hours there with the Soterion kids, who included Barbara (Mallory), Linda and Albert, as we lived only a couple of blocks away when we were growing up. I think there were several other children, but that's all I can remember.

The second picture was taken at the local harbor in 1977, and shows the Port of Bandon's dredge, which was used to haul sunken logs out of the Coquille River as part of their maintenance operations. Things look very different there today.

The third picture was taken in November of 1965 as the pastor of the First Church of God on Elmira Avenue rang the bell for the Thanksgiving service.

The church building was later torn down, and today it is the site on which Eugene Hill built his two-story office building, anticipated to house a residential care facility.

I believe that the Seabird Church of God was built by members of the congregation to replace the Elmira Avenue church.

* * *

If ever the weather gods shone on Bandon ... it was last weekend for the annual Cranberry Festival. I have been to a lot of festivals ... make that almost every one, and I can never remember having three days of such wonderful, warm, sunny, windless weather as we experienced over the weekend.

Anthony Zunino and his crew, which included (among others) Larry Langenberg, Steve Pounder and Rachel Reed, are to be commended. I've heard many say that this was the best Cranberry Festival they can ever remember, and I tend to agree.

There are always going to be concerns, and one of those turned out to be the thing that Anthony & Co. felt would bring more authenticity to the cranberry festival ... vats of fresh cranberries around town.

Apparently some spilled into Second Street, and Saturday night a group of young people decided to have a cranberry fight with the ones that were over by the wildly popular street dance.

There was a Facebook post that indicated that a local man had slipped on the cranberries, fallen and broken his ribs, but it turned out he had fallen near Cranberry Sweets, but not on cranberries. There were also a few comments about squished cranberries being tracked onto merchants' carpets, but early Sunday morning, Anthony, Steve and Larry cleaned the streets, with the help of city employees Kim Boston and Tim Lakey, who used his own blower and his own time to help out. It was a great effort on the part of the chamber and the city, and Anthony and I agreed that we will work together next year to continue introducing cranberries into the Cranberry Festival ... but maybe in a different format.

Anthony has a lot of good ideas, and if he just had more volunteers, it would be easier to implement them. In the meantime, he deserves a huge vote of thanks for putting on such a great event for the community and our visitors.

* * *

The Bandon High School Class of 1968 held their 50-year-reunion over the weekend at classmate Reg Pullen's property east of town. Because my sister, Maggie Dufort, was a member of the class, I was invited to join them Saturday and it was neat seeing so many people that I remember fondly. I am going to try and remember the members of the class who were there (but of course not their spouses, most of whom I did not know, nor their married names), so here goes:

Carolyn Mullikin, Diana Fraser, Eileen Donahue, Marilyn Hall, Randy Texley, Tim McCue, Bruce Mallory, Bob Dahl, Margery Chandler, Janell Leach, Dr. Rich Gorman, Cheryl Swigert (husband Steve Howard is also a BHS graduate), Mary Turner, George MacDonald (wife Melinda Era is also a BHS grad), Frank Barnekoff, Sonny Querry, David Dornath and Rick Howard. Other BHS graduates were there, including Hiemer Kiefer, Willie Shindler and Steve Fox (whose ex-wife Sue Finical was a member of the class). I am sure I have missed one or more, but those are the ones I can remember.

I also know that 13 members of the Class of 1958 held their 60-year-reunion at Lord Bennett's Saturday night. I saw several of them at the museum Friday afternoon, including Frank Ross, John Gamble, Chuck Ward and John Bresler, and heard that Don Chandler was also there. I did see a Facebook post, but couldn't recognize anyone except Theresa Ackerman, Mary Ann Bohles and Sonja Hultin.

* * *

There seems to be quite a lot of misunderstanding about the charter amendment which would prohibit the city from using public dollars to pay for the operation and maintenance of a swimming pool.

Regardless of how the vote goes, the swimming pool committee will continue with their efforts to build a swimming pool.

Nor will the outcome of the vote on Measure 6-172 have any impact on where the pool will/could be located.

I was interested in a letter from Will Turner in this week's Western World, who says he does not want the city to partner with a private business (the swimming pool committee). I agree. The city has no intention of partnering in a private business venture. Mr. Turner's home backs up to City Park; hence his concerns about not wanting a pool to be located in City Park. We understand that.

What a YES vote on Ballot Measure 6-172 would tell the council is that the people in the community do not want the city to spend taxpayer dollars on the operation and maintenance of a pool.

The sign "vote no pool" on the back of a car, parked here this weekend, makes no sense.

If people vote NO on Measure 6-172, it indicates to city officials that they want the city to ultimately be on the hook to fund the pool if fees and other revenues are not enough to support it. Both the city and the pool committee hope that would never happen, but on the outside chance that it did, a charter amendment prohibiting the city from paying for O&M would take the decision out of the council's hands, and put it where it belongs: in the hands of the voters. If the city's financial situation should change years from now, and people wanted the city to fund a pool, a vote could be taken which would allow that. But it would take a majority vote of the people.

That's the value of the charter amendment.

* * *

I was sorry to miss the event at the museum Friday night, which was attended by graduates of many classes who were here for their reunions, but David and I were invited to Dan Andor's 70th birthday party in wife Olivia's new shop on the Pedway. And it was a special event, with great food, good conversation and an opportunity to make new friends, while enjoying Olivia's new shop.

* * *

People seemed surprised, and many are not happy, about the Planning Commission's approval for a recreational marijuana shop off Highway 42S on Third Street.

The subject of where shops could be located was thoroughly discussed by both the planning commission and the city council, and even though some of us favored not allowing shops inside the city limits, that apparently was not an option. There are only a couple of areas where they are allowed, and the Third Street location (in Takashi Haruna's former shop, later rented by Brian Gibson of Gibson Graphics) was one of them. The applicants met the requirements and the planning commission approved the request.

That's the way the system works.

* * *

A bit of humor: I won't mention where I saw this, but earlier this week in an article about the shooting in a bank in Ohio, one article read: "Isaac said the gunman then entered the bank's lobby where he exchanged gunfire with the shooter."

My guess is that the gunman and the shooter were the same person; the writer probably meant he exchanged gunfire with the police.

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