The first picture I am sharing is a bit like one I shared more than a year ago, but this one was taken in March of 1958 while the barge was parked at the Moore Mill & Lumber Co. dock. What made this unusual is the fact that the lumber was stacked up like a 10-story building on the Pacific Barge No. 2, owned by the Oliver J. Olson Company, as it prepared to leave for San Francisco.

The biggest lumber cargo ever to leave the Bandon harbor is aboard this barge, more than 4,200,000 board feet, which is equal to between three and four times the average cargo taken out by the Olson Co. steamships.

The article in Western World explained that the reason is that the steamers draw more water and can take only partial cargoes. The barge is this photo is said to be drawing between 14 and 18 feet. The cargo was made up of shipments from Moore Mill and other mills that shipped over the Port of Bandon public dock.

Earlier I know that I read somewhere that as the barge was enroute to San Francisco, it ran into bad weather and lost part of its load. But when I went back to find the article, it has escaped me. It might not have been this specific trip, but I am pretty sure it was.

Moore Mill, of course, was the area's largest employer for many years, dating back to the early 1900s when L.J. Cody and George W. Moore built a sawmill in Bandon in 1906. The mill burned in 1909. They rebuilt the mill and Moore bought out Cody to begin Moore Mill & Lumber Co. It was later purchased by D.H. Miller, a well-known mill operator, who had come to Bandon to manage the local mill. Moore Mill had closed its mill operations and was dismantling the mill when it was destroyed by fire in 1987 after operating for almost 80 years.

Note smoke coming out of the wigwam burner at the far right side of the photo. Interestingly enough, the Bandon History Museum recently received several photos taken during the Columbus Day Storm of 1962, which show the burner tipped onto its side by the force of the winds. (That reminds me that the museum and I are hosting a special program on the Columbus Day Storm on Saturday, Oct. 12, at 2 p.m. at the Bandon History Museum). Come and see the photos I took that day of damage in the Bandon/South Curry area and share your stories with us.)

The second photo was taken sometime in the 1970s of The Style Shop, which was probably owned by Marvin and Carol Manes when this photo was taken.

The first Style Shop was opened on Second Street by Louise Philpott in the late 1950s in the building that is now occupied by Esscents Candle and Gift Shop. In 1960 it was owned by Belle Shortridge and Gertrude Greenwell, who later moved to this building on Highway 101 and 10th Street, which today is Bandon Video.

Marvin and Carol bought it from Belle and Gertrude, and after operating a very successful business for many years, sold to Max and Mary Peabody. I am not sure when it closed and later became a video store.

But I do know that between The Golden Rule and The Style Shop (not to mention The Hub in Coos Bay), they pretty much shared my paycheck from Western World (which wasn't much in those days but it was enough to keep me in clothes).

My dad often said, disparagingly, that I would be the best dressed person in the poor house.

I love this third picture, taken in August of 1981 when the Pickle Family Circus came to town. I thought about it the other day when I saw how popular the carnival was that was here for the Cranberry Festival. But the Pickle Family Circus was very different, and was definitely for the younger crowd as evidenced by this clown performing for a rapt audience of little girls, including facing the camera a little one that appears to be Erica Shindler. The article said the two-day event in City Park delighted a crowd of 1,200 people. I do remember having fun taking the pictures.

* * *

I mentioned that as soon as I obtained the names of the girls involved in the wreck on Beach Loop Road, near Devil's Kitchen, I would release them. Sgt. Larry Lynch called me at home this afternoon to give me the information.

I had learned that the road had flooded in the low spot just south of Devil's Kitchen, and when the vehicle hit it, the driver allegedly lost control and the vehicle spun into the bank.

The three girls, all from Bandon, who were injured and taken to the hospital in three separate Bay Cities ambulances were Alisa Rouse, 19, who ended up in Bay Area Hospital, and Clarissa Stevens, 18, and Page Bryant-Kirk, 16, both of whom were taken to Doernbecher Hospital in Portland. All three girls have now been released from the hospital, Sgt. Lynch said..

The driver, 18-year-old Sina Napier, was arrested Sept. 27 in connection with an ongoing investigation into the crash, which occurred Sept. 18. She was lodged in the Coos County Jail on three counts of reckless driving, three counts of recklessly endangering and three counts of third-degree assault, according to the Sergeant. As of Sunday evening, she remained in jail.

For a point of clarification, if a person is injured in a car crash, the driver is often charged with assault.

* * *

I've learned that Heather Bouher, who most recently worked as a server at The Crow's Nest/Wheelhouse Restaurant, has purchased The Loft Restaurant and Bar. The popular gourmet fine-dining establishment, is located in the upper level of the High Dock building, owned by the Port of Bandon, overlooking the Coquille River.

* * *

I read on the Bandon School District's Facebook page that fire had broken out in the Harbor Lights Middle School Saturday evening around 8:30. Fortunately quick action on the part of the Bandon Rural Fire Department quelled the blaze, which apparently started in the east wing of the school adjacent to the boys' locker room near the gymnasium.

The post added that the district is working with the fire department and the police department to determine the source of the fire. The state fire marshal was also on scene that night to help determine the cause of the fire and whether it was intentionally set.

Firefighters had to cut a hole in the outer wall to get into the building. There is smoke damage to the building.

In a later post, HLMS announced that while classes were to resume Monday with their normal schedule, PE and music classes will be relocated to a temporary location while they work to get the music room and the boys' locker room repaired. The damage was primarily located in a storage room that contained all of the middle school football equipment, and none of it could be salvaged. For further information people can contact Supt. Doug Ardiana at 541-347-4414.

The fire brought back vivid memories of that night 45 years ago when an arsonist completely destroyed the Bandon High School. That night firemen were able to save the junior high, which was directly behind the high school.

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