The first picture I am sharing this week was taken in June of 1966 when a couple of small sailboats were sailing around in the Bandon Boat Basin. I do remember that one of them belonged to Kurt Hohman, but not sure which one. The boat basin looks so different today as does the background, with the Moore Mill gone, as well as the old truck shop, which is barely visible at right. If you look closely you can see the Bullards Bridge in the background.

I had almost forgotten that Bandon had a Soroptimist club years ago until I saw this picture of a group of local women taken during a dinner to raise funds for their annual scholarship, held in February of 1965.

Pictured from left are Gertrude Greenwell (who owned the Style Shop with Belle Shortridge), Tosca Means (who was active in local theater), Jo Yockey (wife of Ralph Yockey, long-time owner of Yockey Electric), Mayme Froland (who with husband Al owned La Kris Motel across from McKay's), Phyllis Ray (who with husband Bob owned Ray's Pharmacy), Irene Senter (wife of Merritt Senter, who owned the Senter Agency) and Joanne Metcalfe (who owned Metcalfe Insurance Agency) in the building now belonging to Bain Insurance.

I love this third picture taken of the Richert twins, Traci and Trina, in 1971 when they were modeling for Dave and Joan Gradt, owners of The Edgewater Department Store, formerly The Golden Rule, in the building now occupied by the Continuum Center. They were the daughters of Chris and Jane Turner Richert; today Traci Davis lives in Ketchikan, Alaska, and Trina (Mrs. Mark) Johnston, lives in Bandon.

* * *

I was shocked to see that two Bandon High School graduates died last week within a few days of each other, Jim Fisher and Brad Hurley. Jim, who was born in 1965 to Bob Fisher and the late Lorraine Fisher, leaves two brothers, Ben and Ralph, and his dad.

Brad Hurley was a 1978 graduate of Bandon High School and was the son of Mickey Hurley and the late Barbara Hurley. Among his survivors are two sisters, Cheryl and Deanna, and his dad.

I knew both Jimmy and Brad well, having watched them grow into fine young men, and it is sad to see them pass away at such a relatively young age. I understand Jim had heart problems, and Brad had been diagnosed not long ago with brain cancer.

I also learned that Sonny Nowlin died Feb. 23 at the age of 90. A decorated veteran, Sonny received both the Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. Among his survivors are his oldest son Boyd Nowlin, daughter Robin Siewell, and youngest son, Dwayne Nowlin. Another son, Bradley, died earlier.

Sonny and Patricia Dye were married in 1963, and although they divorced in 1982 they remained close friends and she was instrumental in caring for him as his health declined.

I remember Sonny fondly as he never missed a Bandon sports event and was a great Tiger booster.

* * *

It was a great week for the Bandon Historical Society. Not only were they presented with a check for around $6,500 from last weekend's crab feed by organizer Lori Osborne, but they also received a gift of $2,500 from the Coquille Tribal Community Fund. The museum's executive director Gayle Propeck Nix accepted the check on behalf of the museum board.

The other Bandon organization receiving a gift from the Tribal Fund was the Bandon Showcase, with Ann Patrick accepting the $1,500 check during the annual luncheon held in the Salmon room of the Mill Casino, which I also attended to represent the City even though we had not applied for a grant.

Fifty grants were awarded in a five-county area, totaling $266,762.50.

Speaking of the museum, if you haven't visited lately, you are in for a treat. During the January break, board members put together several new displays, which are drawing rave reviews,.

A friend of mine told me the other night that her late brother loved to visit museums wherever he went, and he said Bandon's was one of the best he had ever seen .... large or small.

That is quite a compliment, and certainly well deserved.

* * *

I was shocked to see the ad in last week's Coffee Break which asked the question: "Do you want the city to give away more than 15 acres of our community's City Park to a for-profit corporation who will charge you money to use it?"

My first reaction was: absolutely not. But considering that I am part of that "city" I can assure you that there is no way that the city is giving away 15 acres of the city park to anyone.

Two days later, the ad was revised to ask if you wanted the city to give away acres ... to a "corporation who will charge you money to use it?"

I don't even think that is true as I do not know of anyone in city government who is planning to give away acres of land in city park for any reason.

But what we are doing is putting a non-binding advisory ballot in the utility bills that allow people to let us know whether or not they think that ”the city park is a good location for a privately owned aquatic center, open to the public for a fee."

Saturday another ad appeared in Coffee Break saying that the pool will be "operated by a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and will use less space than you think."

Actually what we are talking about here is a nonprofit corporation which, unlike a C Corporation, has no retained earnings. All of the money earned would not go to the pool board as individuals, but would go back into operating and maintaining the pool. But it is still a private venture anyway you look at it.

* * *

Last Tuesday, while eating at Bandon Baking Co. we were interrupted by the extremely loud sound of a low-flying helicopter, which turned out to be the Coast Guard.

I later learned that two small boats, one with a cabin, had apparently broken loose from their moorings up river; one had ended up on the north river beach and the other was in the river. Although I never read anything about it, I believe the Coast Guard was making sure that neither was occupied, which apparently they weren't.

* * *

Don't forget that Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday, March 10, at 2 a.m., and ends on Sunday, Nov. 3.

* * *

Bite of Bandon was another big success. Winning best savory was Lord Bennett's, best sweet went to The Rolling Pin Bake & Brew, and RawSome Juices and Smoothies won the best display.

It is such a treat to sample the best from Bandon's best ....

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