I am once again sharing the old picture of Ocean Crest School because the school is observing its 80th birthday this summer ... and fall, having been built in 1939, less than three years after the Fire destroyed the grade school, which was on the same location.

An almost identical photo appeared on the front page of the July 20, 1939, Western World, taken by Melvin Boak, who may have been in high school at the time. H. E. Boak, Melvin's father, was chairman of the school board.

The lengthy front-page article about the new school called it "one of the finest most suitable grade schools in the Pacific Northwest."

The contract price on the building with the specified equipment was $54,515, of which the Public Works Administration furnished 45 percent of the cost.

"The excavating for the new building and the filling of the basement of the old building ... was done in the modern way with a powerful 'bulldozer' by Laub & Barrows, local logging contractors. The heavy, concrete walls of the old building were pushed over without undue effort by their powerful machine."

The article goes on to say that the lumber was furnished by the Coast Lumber Yard.

"The new building has seven classrooms, each equipped with steel wardrobes; a library with book cases, tables and chairs; a kitchen with built-ins and an electric range; a dining room, large boys' and girls' lavatories, a teachers' office, a principal's office and an auditorium 64x70 feet with a fully equipped stage and two dressing rooms with shower baths and toilets."

Actually, Ocean Crest and I share a birthday as I will be celebrating (maybe that's too strong a word) my 80th birthday in August, so the school was relatively new when I entered in the fall of 1945, and except for some additional classrooms that have been added over the years, and the new seismic upgrade and siding, it is pretty much the same school that we all remember.

This fall, both the Bandon History Museum and Ocean Crest School will have several events to honor its 80th birthday. More on that later ....

I have chosen the second picture as a bit of advertisement for the program about the late-night arson fire that destroyed Bandon High School in January of 1974, which I will be hosting at the Bandon History Museum on Saturday, July 6, with the same program at 11 a.m. and again at 2 p.m.

I was the reporter for Western World and took pictures throughout the night, including the one I am sharing. Also having been deputized by the Coos County Sheriff in 1974, mostly for police photography, and having been previously married to an Oregon State Policeman, I had a love for police work. As a result, I ended up being the one who told the OSP arson squad about my encounter with a young man the night of the fire, and it turned out I was right. Several months later, a 21-year-old Bandon man was arrested for arson and sentenced to prison.

I was teaching photography at the high school and that night we lost all of our cameras, darkroom, negatives, etc.

My siblings and I all graduated from that school, except for my youngest sister, Mindy, who was a sophomore when the school burned.

I love this picture, taken in 1965, because it seems like only yesterday that phones like these were new and innovative. Today, hardly anyone even has a landline. This was taken at the West Coast Telephone Co. office at 8th and Oregon Avenue during an open house.

* * *

I learned Sunday that Nancy Stein, wife of Edward Jones financial adviser Bart Stein, died on Saturday. I had met her many years ago not long after they moved to Bandon and I can truly say that she was one of the kindest, most sincere people I have known. She was a special person. She had been diagnosed with cancer some years ago, but every time I saw her, she always greeted me with a smile and a kind word. She will be missed.

I saw a post on Facebook a few days ago that Jerry Roby, who graduated with the Class of 1969, had died on Father's Day. Jerry's older brother, Melvin, was in my class, but has been gone for many years.

* * *

It may not be the best way to do business, but when you have essentially one-party rule, as is the case in Oregon, you have to admire the Republican senators for walking out when they could not persuade the Democrats to at least refer the Cap and Trade bill to the voters, rather than ram it through with what many see as a lot of unintended consequences.

I have never heard of anything more ridiculous than Governor Brown sending the Oregon State Police to round up the Republicans....

Another bill that may not pass is paid family and medical leave, which would make Oregon only the seventh state in the nation with this (expensive to employers) perk. The article I read, quoting several Democratic legislators, said the bill "is popular with Oregonians."

I am sure it is ... unless you are the one paying the bill.

* * *

My pal Joseph Bain had a good idea, which he wanted me to pass along to my readers.

He thinks it would be a great idea, and I agree, to send the US Coast Guard an email thanking them for the decision to keep our foghorn and to let them know how much we are continuing to enjoy it.

The email address is D13-PF-LNM@uscg.mil. Great idea ....

* * * 

I have learned that two of my favorite servers at Edgewaters Restaurant, Theresa Harris and Mike Dempsey, are already or soon will be working at The Wheelhouse. Mike told me he made the change because he wants to work days so he can pursue his other interests, like teaching acting classes, in the evening.

Also, l have confirmed that Heather Bouher is leaving The Wheelhouse/Crowsnest to work with Peter Braun at The Cobbler's Bench.

* * *

I have learned that Dr. Megan Holland, who left the clinic at Southern Coos Hospital several months ago, will be reopening her practice in the Coquille Clinic beginning July 9. Certainly Coquille's gain will be our loss.

* * *

My sister Molly and I were sitting at the Bakery the other day when her phone rang, and from the look on her face, I knew it wasn't good. Someone was calling her ... from her own number. By the time the day was over, she had received five phone calls that seemed to originate from her phone.

Several days later a man told me that he, too, had received a call from my sister as her name had shown up on his phone. I suggested that he must have had her name in his phone for her name to appear, but he assured me he did not. So he called the number and received a recording that said "that number is no longer in service." Not sure what is going on, but it does get a bit unnerving to see your own name pop up on your phone.

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