I am sharing this first picture because I want to talk about what was very nearly built on this property many years ago. This picture was taken in August of 1971 as a Moore Mill & Lumber Co. Hyster was stacking lumber on the vacant lot between what is now the Alabama Avenue parking lot and First Street. Across from the Port of Bandon's Old Town Marketplace, this is the vacant lot owned by Fred Gernandt and Kirk Day, which is leased to the city for a parking lot.

But as the community tried to rebuild from the disastrous Fire of 1936, plans were revealed in March of 1939 that the city fathers were planning to build a civic center on this parcel of land.

It was to include the post office, the City Hall (with fire station) and a library in a three-building group on three lots owned by the City at First and Alabama. There would be rear access to the buildings from Wall Street, which was scheduled to be widened. Wall Street, which was an extension of Second Street beneath the hill about where Devon's Boutique now sits, was a gravel street well into the '60s before it was closed permanently. The City Hall was to be the largest building, with a smaller post office alongside, as well as a combination library and women's club room facing Alabama.

The primary reason for the plan was to build a permanent structure for the post office, in the heart of town, which would then be leased to the federal government.

For whatever reason, the plan never materialized, and most of the land has sat empty all these years.

The second picture I am sharing was taken from about where Bandon Inn is now, looking east through downtown Bandon, probably sometime in the 1950s (or maybe even in the 1940s judging from some of the vehicles). In the foreground, to the left, you can see more of Moore Mill's lumber, as that lot was used for quite a few years as a storage area.

You can see M&L Grocery, where my family shopped while I was growing up, and is now the parking lot for the Minute Cafe, which is next door.

The car parked between the back of M&L and the building that now houses Olivia's Cottage, is about where the pedway is today.

The third picture was taken in May of 1958 as Hazel Colgrove, representing the Bandon Women's Civic Club, presents a plaque of appreciation to Mel Dahl, long-time owner of Lloyd's, as well as other buildings in the downtown area.

The Women's Club, Chamber of Commerce and the Lions generally held their meetings in the back of Lloyd's, which was one of the very few places where big groups could be hosted in those days.

Today, as we all know, Lloyd's is shuttered, and has been for three or four years.

We heard that it had been sold to the couple who own The Blue Moon in Coos Bay, but sadly that deal apparently fell through.

I talked to a man Saturday who had grand plans for the building, which included putting in an interactive aquarium, which would allow visitors to talk with commercial fishermen out on the seas, which watching fish swim below the building. Unfortunately he did not have the means to purchase the building, but he certainly had innovative ideas for a great destination attraction.

* * *

Speaking of great destinations, Peggy Backholm's Bandon Inn was named No. 2 in Oregon Business Magazine's 100 Best Fan-Favorite Destinations in Oregon, released recently.

High Life Adventures was the No. 1 fan favorite, followed by Sweet Cheeks Winery (Eugene) at 3rd, Swan Island Dahlias 4th, Wall Street Suites (Bend) 5th, Wheeler on the Bay Lodge and Marina as 6th, Five Pine Lodge (Sisters) 7th, Douglas County Museum 8th, Boulder Falls Inn and Japanese Gardens (in Lebanon) at 9th and the Historic Balch Hotel (at Dufur on the Columbia River Gorge) at No. 10. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort was 34th, Wildlife Safari was 38th, Jerry's Rogue Jets was 42nd and Tu Tu' Tun Lodge (Gold Beach) was 55th.

Last year Bandon Inn was 14th, up from 37th the previous year, and Bandon Dunes was 27th, up from 29th.

Favorites are based primarily on Google, Trip Adviser and Yelp reviews.

Reviews are often based on amenities that are available, as well as how well people are treated by employees.

It is a tremendous honor for Peggy and her staff ...

* * *

You won't want to miss a great musical event at the Sprague Theater Friday night, Jan. 18, brought to Bandon by Josh Reynolds (son of Kingston Trio great Nick Reynolds), with a lot of help by our theater manager Jeff Norris. Doors open at 6 p.m., with the show to start at 6:30.

It will feature the Hot Licks Band with a jazz and folk revue, along with music by Powerline Junkies: Buddy Woodward, Tom Guard and Josh Reynolds singing songs from the Kingston Trio, Gordon Lightfoot, John Stewart and other folk greats of the '60s and '70s.

Tickets are $35 each and can be purchased in Bandon at Bandon Mercantile or from Norris (Norris the Taylor), in Langlois at The Langlois Market and in Port Orford at the Circle K Market.

You can see more information on the beautiful posters, designed by Rebecca Malamud of Langlois, which have been put up around town.

Sponsors include the Sixes River Fire Department, Bandon Historical Society and Friends of the Sprague.

* * *

I received the latest update Sunday on Matt DePaolo, the BHS graduate who was critically injured in an ATV accident Oct. 22, in Arizona. His mother, Linda, reports that "Matt is moving to a neurological rehab situation as North Mt. is not set up to address traumatic brain injury rehab patients. His physical injuries have healed and now it's time to focus on regaining his other functions to get him capable of more everyday life. He is at Banner Behavioral Center now and will be there for a while until a bed opens at the appropriate neurologic rehab center. Continued good thoughts and prayers appreciated."

Barry Winters, a close family friend, said he got to talk to Matt on the phone. "It was awesome. I said, 'Matt this is Barry.' He said, 'hi, old man how are doing?" He still has gibberish and I talked too fast, but that is the first real conversation since the accident," Barry said.

* * *

My weather guy, Gerry Terp, sent in the latest rainfall data, which shows 7.72 inches of rain for December, compared to 4.62 for the same month last year.

The rain-year total for 2017-18 (October through September) was 67.13 inches of rain, compared to 102.04 inches the previous rain year.

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