I know the first picture is small, but it is such a good shot of Bandon's first school building, which was on the hill across from what is now the old Coast Guard Station. This picture postcard was stamped in 1915.

The building with the tower was the school which was built in 1893. Next to it is the building which served as the quarters for the men stationed in the life saving service (now Coast Guard). You can see the stairs which led down to First Street and the Life-Saving station on the river side of the street, with the boat ways (ramp) leading down to the water. This photo, of course, was taken from the across the Coquille River. The Breuer building to the right is the only one in that area to survive the Fire of 1936 and today it is a vacation rental between the old Coast Guard building (owned by the Port of Bandon) and Edgewaters Restaurant.

In 1909, a new school housing all 12 grades was built on the site of what is now the Ocean Crest Grade School. It was necessary to build the new school as Bandon's population had increased from 814 in 1900 to 2,126 in 1910 (according to Bandon historian Dow Beckham), which is only about a thousand less than the current population of Bandon. That school also burned in the Fire, and in 1939, Ocean Crest Elementary was built.

The second picture was taken over 40 years ago (in 1977) of the Bandon Dairy Queen, which just recently received new signage. Their readerboard advertises a teen dance Saturday night, 8 to 12, at the junior high gym with KYNG's DJ MBroun. Across the highway you can see the sign for the Hilltop Trailer Court.

The third picture was taken in April of 1975 at some kind of a meeting or reception. Pictured are Bill Bradbury and Carm Donohoe. In the background, to the left, I can see Elsie Hamilton and George Steddom, who was on the city council and became mayor in 1977.

Bill is holding a pamphlet, which is the table of contents for some kind of a program, linked to a group known as Bandon Artists Cooperative. I searched through all of the April 1975 Western Worlds, but could not find this picture.

* * *

After much thought and discussions with former employees of Southern Coos Hospital, my sister, Maggie Lowery, has decided to withdraw from the hospital board race. With a full-time job and her office in Gold Beach, she does not feel she has the time it will take to effectively address the problems facing the health district.

* * *

Bev Clarno, 83, has been appointed by Governor Kate Brown as Secretary of State to fill the vacancy created by the death of Dennis Richardson. The term will end Jan. 2021. Clarno, a Redmond Republican, is a former state representative and House Speaker. She also has ties to Bandon.

She was the daughter of Howard Boice, who was one of the six brothers of Mary Capps of Bandon, all of whom were raised in Langlois, along with Mary's five sisters. Bev first married one of the Hildebrands, and was later married to Ray Clarno, who lived in Myrtle Point for many years.

She served as House Speaker from 1995 to 1997 and later lost a run for state treasurer. She retired from politics until 2000 when she was elected to the state Senate, where she became the Republican leader in 2003 when the two parties had a 15-15 split. Brown, then a senator, represented the Democrats as minority leader.

Her first act of business was to fire the top three people in the department .... on her first day as the new Secretary of State.

Guess no one will ever accuse her of being a team player. When she had been out of politics for so long, you would have thought she would have waited at least a week before she cleaned house. But apparently not.

I saw an item in the Curry Coastal Pilot quoting Commissioner Court Boice as saying Clarno was his first cousin, so she has cousins in both Coos and Curry counties , including Maude and Bruce Capps of Bandon and Wayne Campbell of Coos Bay.

* * *

In the ongoing saga of the sale of Lloyd's Cafe, I learned recently that the people who originally planned to buy it (who own the Blue Moon in Coos Bay) may be back in the picture. But this isn't the first time we've heard this, and a friend talked to the owners recently who said they had no check in hand. Stay tuned.

* * *

I told people last week that the state has agreed to put up pedestrian flashing lights on both sides of the Ninth Street crosswalk, while also installing a short refuge island in the middle turn lane just north of the crosswalk.

The estimated cost is $80,000, with the state to pay half of it. I have agreed to spearhead raising the additional money, and both fellow city councilor Madeline Seymour and I have each pledged $2,000 toward the effort. Lori Osborne has agreed to help me with the fundraising efforts, and Olivia Andor has said we could do a fundraiser in her beautiful Pedway garden.

Others have contacted me wanting to donate, and Harv Schubothe of Greater Bandon Association has offered to set up a bank account at Banner Bank for donations. Since GBA is a 501c(3), donations will be tax deductible if they are sent to him. People can either drop their checks off at Banner Bank or send them to GBA at PO Box 161, Bandon, OR 97411. Just note on the memo line that the money is earmarked for the crosswalk lights.

Hopefully the new flashing lights will be installed by the time school starts in September.

Darrin Nichols of ODOT will attend the May 6 City Council meeting where we are planning to rescind the originally approved Road Diet and talk about the new crosswalk configuration, which is the outcome we had hoped for all along.

* * *

I learned this week that Robin Schultz Martin (Mrs. Jim) had retired recently after working in the office for Moore Mill & Lumber Co. for the last 45 years. She started working with Walt Miller and Dave Miller, and most recently with Dave Miller Jr.

She has seen so many changes over the years, including the closing of the Mill in the '80s, and getting to work in their beautiful new office building along First Street, where she has worked for many years.

* * *

Compared to last year, March was relatively dry, with Gerry Terp recording only 3.2 inches for the whole month. The previous year's March rainfall was 13.74 inches. In 2012, March had 19.35 inches, with this year's being the least in 15 years.

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