North Tenmile Lake

North Tenmile Lake

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LAKESIDE — The Oregon Health Authority lifted the recreational use health advisory on Tenmile Lakes, Friday afternoon.

According to a press release from OHA, water monitoring confirmed that the levels of cyanotoxins are below safety guidelines for human exposure. The advisory was in place for several months while algae blooms were still clearly visible in the water.

While the advisory has been lifted, it was noted that sampling showed cyanotoxin levels are still above the safe drinking water value for children five years and younger as well as for dogs.

Officials advise people visiting the lakes to keep an eye out for signs of algae blooms, since they can disappear from the lake throughout the season. People should avoid activity in areas where water is foamy, scummy, thick, or has a pea-green, blue-green or reddish-brown color. Blue-green algae or bright green cells visible in the water is also a sign to watch for.

"If you see these signs avoid activities that cause you to swallow water or inhale droplets, such as swimming or high-speed water activities," the press release stated.

The harmful algae can also travel from one location to another, or live anchored deep under water, leading to water that looks clear but is still hazardous.

Symptoms of exposure to cyanotoxins include skin irritation or a rash, diarrhea, cramps, vomiting and dizziness. OHA advises seeking medical attention immediately if symptoms occur.

For more information, or to report illness, contact the OHA at 971-673-0482.

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