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Tanna Clawson was recently named the Clinical Employee of the Month at Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center. She works as a telemetry tech.

BANDON – Tanna Clawson loves her job at Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center and it shows. Clawson’s bubbly personality and great sense of humor puts others at ease – a good quality to have when you work at a hospital.

Clawson has been chosen as Clinical Employee of the Month for August at Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center. She started at SCHHC in the environmental services department in 2014 and currently works as a telemetry tech in the med/surg department.

Clawson was nominated because with each work day she “brings her great attitude, a smile on her face and an open heart,” according to the nomination.

“She has made a commitment to master her job duties and is often seen going above and beyond in order to accommodate her co-workers and our patients,” the nominated stated.

“She exhibits excellent patient care to the extent of her capabilities and she inspires an atmosphere of teamwork in the med/surg department.”

“I love every minute of it,” Clawson said. “Some days are hectic but we work as a team to get through the day and always leave with a smile.”

Clawson’s duties include making sure everything is in order, keeping in touch with the doctors and nurses, making appointments, handling discharges and transfers and running a smooth unit.

She has had some classes in EKG and how to interpret heart rhythms, but most of what she’s learned has been accomplished through on-the-job training and “asking a lot of questions.”

“I love my co-workers, they’re my family,” she said. “Every day they make me smile. We have a lot of laughs every day. I love coming to work. I’m like the class clown trying to put smiles on faces.”

Clawson was born and raised in Coquille and graduated from Coquille High School in 1992. Her husband Ronnie has worked for many years as a logger. The couple has two children, Takeisha, 23, who lives in Medford and is studying to be a teacher, and Dalton, 17, who is a senior at Coquille High School.

In her spare time, Clawson enjoys river fishing and spending time with her family at home, located on 16 acres. She also likes to go to the beach in search of special rocks.

Clawson takes pride in working at SCHHC.

“I think Southern Coos Hospital serves the community well,” she said. “I’m glad we can offer the services we do to the community.”


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