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This week, the South Coast saw its last in a series of king tide events projected to take place this winter. The events are marked by unusually high tides and caused by the moon's proximity to the earth.

On Tuesday, a winter storm joined the tides, causing some flooding and damage.

Researchers from the Oregon King Tides Project also use the abnormal high tide events each year to study what the impact of rising sea levels could do to coastal communities.

“Understanding and documenting the extent and impacts of especially high tide events is one way to highlight the need to prepare for the effects of future climate conditions,” researchers write on the project’s website.

This week’s tides joined heavy rains Tuesday causing flooding in some parts of the county. Some roads and parking lots were impassable, and public works crews closed the South Jetty in Bandon for part of the afternoon due to heavy surf.

At the same time, heavy winds caused power outages across the coast, leaving some customers without power overnight.

By 10 a.m. Wednesday, Pacific Power was still reporting around 1,300 customers without power in its North Bend, Coos Bay and Coquille service areas. Central Lincoln PUD reported about 250 customers still without power in its Douglas and Coos County service areas at the same time.

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