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PORT ORFORD — The Port of Port Orford is building a new seawater-supplied facility to house and support commercial seafood, research, education and ocean recreation.

The Port announced it will receive $1.6 million in lottery funds from the Oregon State Legislature as part of the Administrative Services Economic Development Fund to the Oregon Business Development

Department for infrastructure projects.

The funds will be used as part of matching funds for a larger grant proposal ($3 million) to the U.S. Economic Development Administration, and used for the construction of a new multiuse facility at the Port.

Oregon State Representative David Brock Smith - R-Port Orford, was instrumental in advocating for these funds, which will enable the Port to proceed with the design and construction of the new facility.

"I recognize the importance of the Port of Port Orford to the local economy and am pleased to have the support of my colleagues from throughout the state in providing necessary resources for this vital project,” Smith said. Smith represents House District 1, which includes Curry, Coos, Douglas and Josephine counties. 

“As a longtime local advocate for this project; stemming back to its conception over a decade ago, I’m proud of our work in securing these needed resources and am grateful for Senator (Dallas) Heard, Tom Calvanese (Port of Port Orford Commission) and everyone’s advocacy to fund this needed project for our community," Smith added.

The Port recently completed a site plan for the project including a new facility, with seawater supply, oceanside walkways, a public plaza, restrooms, diver access and other

elements. The new facility will house commercial seafood buyers, growers, and processors, research and teaching labs for educators and facilities for local and visiting ocean recreationalists, such as kayakers and SCUBA divers.

"We are pleased to move this unique project forward as we adapt our Port facilities to better support all users, including our vital commercial fishing, marine research and education, and ocean recreation endeavors," Said Tom Calvanese, Port of Port Orford Commission president. "We expect this project to provide enhanced opportunities to continue to adapt and thrive now and into the future as we continue to engage in the emerging blue economy. The Port of Port Orford is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of these opportunities, and we are just getting started." 


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