New officer at Bandon Police Department

Trevor Sanne is the Bandon Police Department's newest officer.

BANDON - The Bandon Police Department is fully staffed. Trevor Sanne has joined the department as its newest officer. 

Sanne is a certified officer who worked for the past two years with the Coquille Police Department. Prior to that, he worked with the Coos County Sheriff's Office for six years as a corrections deputy. He's been through law enforcement training at the state's academy twice - once in 2011 to be a corrections officer, and again in 2017 to be a patrol officer.

Sanne, 35, grew up as an "Air Force brat," but his parents were originally from Springfield. He lived with his parents and siblings in Germany, then Texas, then the family moved back to Springfield, where Sanne attended Springfield High School. His father was working for Weyerhaeuser at the time, but got laid off during a slowdown in the economy. His father then took a position in North Bend and the family moved there. His parents now live in Eugene with Sanne's grandmother. 

Following high school, Sanne joined the U.S. Navy. He served in the Navy Reserves from 2006 to 2017.

"I looked at myself as an 18-year-old not doing anything in this town so I joined the Navy and was on active duty for four years," he said. 

When he returned from the Navy, he attended Southwestern Oregon Community College for a year and played baseball for the school's team. An injury ended his baseball playing and Sanne focused on attaining a degree in Business, but met his wife and started a family. He worked at Sause Bros. for five years and at North Bend Lanes bowling alley before being hired at the Sheriff's Office.

"People will probably remember me from the bowling alley," he said. 

Sanne is married with three children, an 11-year-old boy, a 7-year-old boy and a 9-month-old girl, with another child on the way. He and his wife live in Coos Bay where she works as the office manager for the IBEW Electricians Union. 

"I've always been interested in law enforcement," he said. "The military gave me more interest. In the Navy Reserves there's a lot of officers and I'd talk to them. And a lot of friends also pushed me toward this as career."

Sanne feels he's found a good career fit. 

"I have a passion for people and for helping people," he said. "I'm very good with communicating and I feel I'm very approachable."

He likes working with schools and children, helping them understand the role of an officer.

"I want students and teachers to know who I am and feel comfortable and that I'm here to help," he said.

Sanne loves Bandon and its unique history. He appreciates the opportunities on the South Coast to fish, camp, golf and enjoy the beaches. 

"I've got a good handful of kids, so a lot of what I do when I'm not working is family time and activities," he said.

He's also an avid bowler and has been bowling for 30 years. His father was an amateur pro bowler and Sanne said he "literally grew up in a bowling alley."

For now, Sanne is enjoying learning about the Bandon community and its residents.

"I'm out and about getting to know people," Sanne said. "If you see me on the road, don't be afraid to stop and talk to me."

In addition to Chief Bob Webb and Sgt. Larry Lynch, the other officers that round out the force include Cory Dhillon, Zack Carpenter, who's been with the department for a year, and Justin Gray, who joined the department in January and handles the police K9 Penny.

Sarah Lakey is the department's administrative assistant and municipal court judge. Sworn reserve officers include Evan Grant and Nick Schoeppner.

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