Ocean Crest students 'caught' showing empathy

Ocean Crest Elementary School students "caught" showing empathy for December 2019 include, back row from left: Danny Withers, Logan Sullivan, Emily Sullivan, Elana Roper, Austin Schmidt, Hunter Sabin, Emme Hutchison and Gracie Miller; front row from left: Morgan Martindale, Wyatt Whitehurst, Andi Holt, Jacklyn Leach-Eck, Lexi Peterson, Josh Withers and Mabeleen Watson

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BANDON — Ocean Crest Elementary School honors students who are observed doing something reflecting the month's character focus with the “Caught You Being Good” program. Each month reflects a character focus at the school, with students who were an example of showing EMPATHY the theme for December.

Students who are an example of the month's theme are given a Caught You Being Good entry into a monthly drawing.

At the end of the month at the Friday PRIDE assembly, 15 names are chosen from the box and those students are given a golden dollar, a pencil and a certificate. The Bandon Lions Club provides the prizes for the program.

For December, students who were an example of showing EMPATHY were given a Caught You Being Good entry into a monthly drawing. They are listed below:


Morgan Martindale — by being quick to help a friend in need with a hug, a helpful hand, or an escort to the office.

Wyatt Whitehurst — by giving a hug to a friend who was sad.

Andi Holt — by working to cheer up peers in class

First grade

Jacklyn Leach-Eck — by listening and being quiet when a peer asked nicely.

Lexi Peterson — by using her words on the playground to help a friend when kids were saying mean words, both by telling the kids their words weren’t nice and by getting an adult for help.

Josh Withers — by helping a friend who was struggling to read a word.

Second grade

Logan Sullivan — by lending a helping hand to the teacher with cleaning up the classroom.

Danny Withers — by helping someone who was sad and crying by listening to them.

Mabeleen Watson — by helping someone be included at recess by playing with her.

Third grade

Austin Schmidt — by encouraging a friend who was hurt, checking on a friend who was sad, *and* helping a friend up who fell out of his chair.

Emily Sullivan — by helping a friend clean up a spilled drink *and* sharing her drink with the friend.

Elana Roper — by helping put things away when the class was late for dismissal.

Fourth grade

Hunter Sabin — by never leaving people out of games or fun activities.

Gracie Miller — by helping two friends who were upset with each other to work out their problems.

Emme Hutchinson — by looking out for others in the classroom and extending extra kindness to those needing it.


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