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Caught Being Good, December 2018

Ocean Crest Elementary School students "caught" showing empathy for December include, back row from left: Jayden Allard, Willow Stuberg, Shawn Vandervoorden, MaKenna Holle, Jordyn Oliver-Llewellyn, Aaron Cutler, Kalia Corcoran and Frida Corlett. Front row from left: Saylor Sweet, Tyler Watkins, Elijah Palmer, Harper Quattrocchi, Calvin Ingle, Mia Coltharp. Not pictured: Alex Panagakis.

BANDON — Ocean Crest Elementary School honors students who are observed doing something reflecting the month's character focus with the “Caught You Being Good” program. Each month will reflect a character focus at the school, with students showing EMPATHY the theme for December.

Students who are an example of showing EMPATHY during the month were given a Caught You Being Good entry into a monthly drawing.

At the end of the month at the Friday PRIDE assembly, 15 names are chosen from the box and those students are given a golden dollar, a pencil and a certificate. The Bandon Lions Club provides the prizes for the program.

Students caught showing EMPATHY include:


Harper Quattrocchi, by helping friends in class when they need it.

Calvin Ingle, by helping friends in class when they need it.

Mia Coltharp, by showing empathy for friends when they are sad.

First grade

Kalia Corcoran, by asking after Tiger Cubs who may be in need.

Aaron Cutler, by always thinking of others.

Elijah Palmer, by helping struggling readers in W2R.

Second grade

Frida Corlett, by being a good example for others in the hall.

Tyler Watkins, by bringing a replacement snowglobe when a peer accidentally broke theirs.

Saylor Sweet, by showing empathy to adults by gently reminding friends to follow the rules at a basketball game to help Miss Dawna.

Third grade

Alex Panagakis, by helping a new student with Chromebooks.

Shawn VanderVoorden, by encouraging two sad friends.

Willow Stuberg, by helping a friend in M2M who wasn’t feeling well.

Fourth grade

Jayden Allard, by being a good example in the hallway.

Makenna Holle, by helping others without being asked.

Jordyn Oliver-Llewellyn, by noticing when peers needed help.

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