Ocean Crest students 'caught' for April

Ocean Crest Elementary School students "caught" being leaders for April include, back row from left: Austin Schmidt, Beckett Pahls, Quincy Converse, Demetra Panagakis, Logan VanderVoorden, Gracie Sullivan and John Alcock; front row from left: Lily McMillen, Jodi Butler, Hannah McBryar, Sam Kimball, Elana Elliott, Alex Jurkowski, Ezra Jones and Aubree Pease.

BANDON — Ocean Crest Elementary School honors students who are observed doing something reflecting the month's character focus with the “Caught You Being Good” program. Each month reflects a character focus at the school, with students showing LEADERSHIP the theme for April.

Students who show an example of LEADERSHIP during the month were given a Caught You Being Good entry into a monthly drawing.

At the end of the month at the Friday PRIDE assembly, 15 names are chosen from the box and those students are given a golden dollar, a pencil and a certificate. The Bandon Lions Club provides the prizes for the program.

For April, students who showed an example of LEADERSHIP were given a Caught Being Good certificate. They include:


Ezra Jones – by helping a student write words when asked for help.

Aubree Pease – by helping a student spell a word by sounding it out together.

Alex Jurkowski – by helping a new Kinder Cub with routines at Ocean Crest without being asked.

First grade

Elana Elliott – by using the Reset Station properly and setting a good example for others.

Sam Kimball – by showing his partner how to do the job without actually doing the work for the partner.

Hannah McBryar – by being a great example of doing the hard work of learnin’ with a “can do” attitude.

Second grade

Jodi Butler – by helping the classroom volunteer organize papers.

John Alcock – by being a good example to others about checking in at the gym during dismissal instead of going with a parent in the hallway.

Austin Schmidt  by doing the right thing even when nobody was watching – found a milk ticket outside and turned it in to the office.

Third grade

Beckett Pahls – by being a good example to those around him about doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

Lily McMillen – by being a good example during robotics with first grade by guiding her group and sharing jobs.

Quincy Converse – by helping Kinders with Book Fair preview.

Fourth grade

Demetra Panagakis – by being a good example of being in the right place at the right time by being on time to Double Dose.

Logan VanderVoorden – by helping a peer who spilled food in the cafeteria by helping to clean up and get new food, following adult directions the entire time.

Gracie Sullivan – by offering math help to a student who was absent.

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