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Katelin Wirth was recently named the Non-Clinical Employee of the Month at Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center. Wirth works in the accounting and finance department.

 Since starting at Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center, Katelin Wirth has worked steadily to improve herself. She was hired in June 2016 in the material management department and moved to the accounting and finance department in April 2020.

While she works to pursue her goals, Wirth also recognizes the value of good relationships with co-workers.

Wirth was chosen as the Non-Clinical Employee of the Month for August at SCHHC. Wirth “always provides help with patience and kindness whenever she is asked,” stated the nomination.

She “goes above and beyond to answer questions and provide resources to make things more efficient,” the nominated continued. “As an example, she has created many automatic reports, which saves time when searching for data.

“She always has a smile on her face every day, and is a delightful co-worker,” the nomination concluded.

Wirth came to Bandon from Flagstaff, Ariz., after working in materials management, overseeing contracts, procurement and supply ordering in the health care industry for about five years. Her mother, who also works in materials management, and brother moved to Albany in 2015. Since moving, her mother had been suggesting that Wirth move as well and sent her an online posting about the position at Southern Coos.

“She kept trying to get me to move,” Wirth said, “And I said ‘I’m not moving to Oregon,’ but when she told me about the job posting, and I realized I could live near the ocean, I decided to apply. (After being offered the position) I packed up all my stuff and moved to Bandon without seeing it. It all happened within two weeks.”

Wirth started in materials management as a supervisor and was eventually promoted to manager of both the materials and dietary departments. She then moved to the accounting and finance department. Her current position is financial analyst and she says she loves the job because it’s a better fit for her skill set. Among her job duties are pulling financial reports to help identify trends and areas of improvement for managers and within departments.

“I love the reporting aspect of it and I like diving in and identifying problems and using the tools I have to help others be more efficient,” she said. “I’m getting to teach other managers how to use that tool too.”

Wirth enjoys working with her manager and co-workers, including Jeremiah Dodrill, Marlene Rocha, Jenny Pearcy, Cathy Mann, Sandy Blechar and Stevie Severson, along with the entire hospital staff.

“I really like our department,” she said. “We have a really good team. We always jump in to help each other out and (that applies to) the whole hospital in general. It’s a close-knit group.”

She is working on getting her bachelor’s degree in accounting by attending Southwestern Oregon Community College. Once she finishes her associate’s degree, she will transfer to Eastern Oregon University for her bachelor’s, all accomplished online.

Though Wirth took the position in Bandon to be closer to family and the ocean, she is the seventh generation of her family on her mother’s side who has roots Flagstaff and still has a lot of family in Flagstaff.

Her family here consists of her mother and brother in Albany, and her partner Ian Mastrangelo, who works in Materials Management at SCHHC. The couple met three years ago outside of work, then Mastrangelo joined the SCHHC staff.

While work and school take up a lot of Wirth’s time, in her spare time, she enjoys hiking with Mastrangelo and their dog Paco and enjoys photography. Her favorite place to hike is in Port Orford on trails near the old Coast Guard station that provide sweeping views of the ocean.

“The water there is so pretty,” she said.

Paco is a husky-shepherd mix who has a hospital volunteer badge and has been certified as a therapy dog.

“We did patient rounds for a bit before COVID, so they can snuggle with the dogs,” Wirth said. “He’s very well behaved and calm.”


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