Watch the U.S. Coast Guard rescue at Humbug Mountain video here.

PORT ORFORD - A Virginia man is safe an uninjured after being stuck on the side of a cliff and rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard.

According the Curry County Sheriff John Ward, on Wednesday, June 5, at about 7:47 p.m. the Curry County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from 25-year-old James Garvis from Winchester, Virginia, who was calling to say he had been hiking and was stuck on the north side of a cliff at Humbug Mountain just south of Port Orford. Garvis stated he was about 300 feet above the beach and he could not go up or go back down.

At about 7:56 p.m., Curry County deputies arrived in the area. Sheriff’s Search and Rescue responded to the area and the U.S. Coast Guard was notified and asked to assist. Deputies located Garvis stuck on the side of a steep cliff about 200 feet above the beach. Garvis told deputies his legs were cramping and was not able to move up or down from his location.

The sheriff and SAR member determined that Garvis was in a location where they would not be able to rescue him safely and the only way to get Garvis down was a helicopter. The U.S. Coast Guard Sector North Bend was dispatched at about 8 p.m. and launched a MH-65D helicopter. After arriving and assessing the situation, the Coast Guard was able to lower a rescue swimmer down and attach a harness to Garvis. The Coast Guard then lifted Garvis from the cliff to the helicopter.

Curry County deputies and SAR members then shut down U.S. Highway 101, where the Coast Guard were able to land and drop off Garvis. Garvis was then given a ride by a deputy to the Humbug Mountain State Park Campground where he was camping with family and friends.

"We are so fortunate here in Curry County to have the partnership with the USCG who does an amazing job," Ward said. "They are able to safely rescue subjects in certain situations that keep SAR members from risking their own lives and we appreciate the relationship."

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